Cy Thoth

Thursday 19 November 2009 2:23pm to 6:01pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Pulse Emitter   Track 01 Meditative Music
Voices From Possessed Children 1978 Okkulte Stimmen-mediale Musik
Galas, Diamanda   The Litanies of Satan Litanies of Satan, the
Khanate   No Joy [Remix] No Joy [Remix] B/W Dead
Astro   Incubation Astral Orange Sunshine
Tolteca Extra   Now You See Me Twice Tolteca Extra
melton,carlton   pass it on...
Bardo Pond   Bog Buck Paco/Bardo Pond
Barn Owl   Across The Deserts of Ash Conjurer, The
om   coference live
Dukatalon   Pai's Saved By Fear
Potop   III Channels
Cannibal Corpse   Gutted Butchered at Birth
Coffins   Into The Coffin (Oppression) Mortuary In Darkness
Laudanum   Omega Laudanum/Stormcrow
Black Ganion   Tomb First
Acephalix   Nothing St 7"
Stromcrow   Reflection of Shit Laudanum/Stormcrow
Eye Hate God   Depress In the Name of Suffering
Brainoil   To The Third Cruevo - Brainoil
Thou   Burning Black Coals and Dark Memories Peasant/To Carry a Stone
Disembowelment   A Burial at Ornans Transcendence Into The Peripheral/Dusk
Fripp & Eno   The Heavenly Music Corporation No Pussyfooting
Gog   Noriah Mills Noriah Mills