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  Necrochrist Mass
Sunday - 24 December 2017 - 7:00pm to 2:00am

Lugubrum Intro/Plaaggeesten De Zuivering / Unclean ( Lugubrum / Sudarium)
Judas Priest Exciter Stained Class 7:04 PM
Blitzkrieg Vikings A Time Of Changes 7:09 PM
Magnesium Metal Bringer 7:09 PM
Razor Armed and Dangerous Armed and Dangerous 7:17 PM
Hellwitch Viral Exogence Syzygial Miscreancy 7:22 PM
Evil Mandala Rites of Evil 7:27 PM
Amebix Fear Of God Arise 7:31 PM
Sanctus Mortem Death Invocation Demo I 7:38 PM
Arghoslent The Purging Fires Of War Incorrigible Bigotry 7:39 PM
Mystifier Cursed Excruciation Goetia Nuclear War Now! Productions 7:46 PM
Sarcofago Crust Crust 7:53 PM
Baxaxaxa the day when god falls Hellfire 7:55 PM
Flames Eastern Front Summon the Dead 8:03 PM
Martire Hell-A-Caust Martire Nuclear War Now! Productions 8:06 PM
Blood Intro/Wings Of Declaration/Foulmouthed Politicians Impulse To Destroy 8:12 PM
Sanctus Mortem
U.F.O. Rock Bottom Phenomenon Chrysalis Records 8:21 PM
Riot Swords and Tequila Fire Down Under 8:28 PM
Valhalla Break of Darkness/Looking for the Light s/t 8:33 PM
Iron Maiden Phantom of the Opera s/t 8:37 PM
Vengeance Forward into War Forward into War 8:44 PM
Dreadful Relic Hyborian Sorcery Hyborian Sorcery Nuclear War Now! Productions
Akitsa Haine Et Vengeance Goetie 8:52 PM
Veles The Dawn Of New Empire Black Hateful Metal No Colours 8:58 PM
Black Witchery Command Of The Iron Baphomet Desecration Of The Holy Kingdom 8:59 PM
Archgoat Death and Necromancy Angelcunt (Tales Of Desecration) 9:09 PM
Agathocoles Mutilated Regurgitator/The Accident/Threshold To Senility If This Is Gore , What's Meat Then ? Nuclear War Now! Poductions 9:11 PM
Impetigo Maggots/Dis-Organ-Ized Ultimo Mondo Cannibale
Toten Macabre Dreary Proximity
Agonized Gods.../Devour The Saviour Gods...
Anatomia Fiend Cranial Obsession Nuclear War Now! Productions 9:26 PM
Sabbat Devil Worship Envenom Nuclear War Now! Productions 9:31 PM
Sanctus Mortem
Sadistik Exekution Demon with Wings 30 Years of Agonizing The Dead Nuclear War Now! Productions 9:42 PM
Abhorer Rumpus of the Undead Oblation II: Abyssic Demonolatries 9:46 PM
Force of Darkness Wall Of Fire The Wrath Of Darkness ( Wrathprayer / Force Of Darkness ?) 9:51 PM
Varathron The Great Seal of Graal Genesis of The Unaltered Evil Nuclear War Now! Productions 9:58 PM
Nebiros La Sangre Del Traidor Sacrilegus 10:03 PM
Astaroth Operation Warlord Operation Warlord 10:06 PM
Diocletian Bullet Vomited Doom Cult 10:13 PM
Perverted Ceremony Intro/Graveyard Sacred/Worship/Malformed/Procreation s/t 10:16 PM
Dark Fury The Forge This Story Happened Before 10:30 PM
Beketh Nehexmu Svara Kaftar Skola Bluka Eder Alla De Dunkla Herrarna 10:32 PM
Moenen of Xezbeth Untitled Instrumental Debut album 2018 Nuclear War Now! Productions 10:42 PM
Keres A Hollow Ray About the Fire 10:44 PM
Departure Chandelier (Introduction) Step Over The Boundary Of The Circle Drawn Blood Tyrant / Departure Chandelier 10:48 PM
Sacrificio Razas Del Sepulcro Guerra Eterna 10:53 PM
Blood Tyrant The Dark Decree Blood Tyrant / Departure Chandelier 10:58 PM
Transistorwald ?????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?? ??????????? Ryr/ Transistorwald Ufa Muzak
Carnivore usa for usa Retalliation 11:10 PM
Mentors, the Peeping Tom Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll Medusa Records 11:13 PM
Agnostic Front Public Assistance Cause for Alarm Combat Records
Dr Know Intruder Plug In Jesus
White Noise Head Kicked In The First Assault
Exploited UK 82 Troops Of Tomorrow
Die Krutzen Its Been So Long October File
Poison Idea Drug Revival Ian Mackaye
Kahlkopf Der Metzger Der Metzger
Negative Approach Hypocrite Tied Down
Negative Approach Evacuate Tied Down
Mistreat Skinheadgirl The Flame From The North
Gauze Oi Fuckheads Not On Label 11:46 PM
Napalm Death Multinational Corporations Scum Earache 11:49 PM
Corrosion of Conformity Poison Planet Eye for An Eye Toxic Shock Records 11:50 PM
Broken Bones Decapitated Bonecrusher Combat Records 11:52 PM
Brainbombs Kill Them All 12:00 AM
Throbbing Gristle United Greatest Hits Rough Trade 12:00 AM
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement Jungle Is a Shapeshifter (With Silent Servant) Ambient Black Magic Hospital Productions
Professor Black & Gezol Tarantula 12:12 AM
Pentagram lazy lady First Daze Here 12:13 AM
Traitor's Gate Love After Midnight Devil Takes the High Road 12:17 AM
Angel Witch Free Man Angel Witch
Motorhead Keep Us on the Road Motorhead Chiswick Records
Venom Don't Burn The Witch Black Metal Base Record
Pokolgep Totalis Metal A Jel
Chaos Echoes Embodied By Perfidious Curls In The Innervated Flux Mouvement Nuclear War Now! Productions
Goatpenis Humanatomy Grinder Chatter Studies Anesthetic Vapor Nuclear War Now! Productions 12:44 AM
Holocausto Destruicao Nuclear War Metal Massacre Nuclear War Now! Productions
Holocausto Escarro Napalm War Metal Massacre Nuclear War Now! Productions
Necrofago Morbid Death Brutal Mutilation Nuclear War Now! Productions
Cult of Daath Transcending the Great Satan Slit Throats and Ritual Nights Nuclear War Now! Productions
Voor Evil Metal Evil Metal Nuclear War Now! Productions
Scarecrow Zycie Po Nim Smierc Deo Optimo Maximo Nuclear War Now! Productions
Revenge Humanity Noosed Holocaustic Death March to Humanity's Doom Nuclear War Now! Productions 1:15 AM
Witchcraft At The Diabolous Hour Demonomancy/ Witchcraft Nuclear War Now! Productions 1:19 AM
Witchcraft Grave Immolation Demonomancy/ Witchcraft Nuclear War Now! Productions 1:23 AM
Abominator The Conqueror Possessed
Burzum Spell of Destruction Burzum/Aske Back on Black 1:35 AM
Sacriphyx The Neck Split with Resuscitator Nuclear War Now! Productions 1:39 AM
Varathron Cassiopeia's Ode Walpurgisnacht Nuclear War Now! Productions 1:44 AM
Forbidden Temple Call From the Ancient Woods Demo 1 Self Released 1:53 AM
Forbidden Temple Arrival of Pagan Flames Demo 1 Self Released


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