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Short descriptions of Mayhem Specials


Thursday Mayhem 1 2AM-6AM
Hosted by Roland Blunt.

Kick off Mayhem proper with a four hour excursion into prepared guitar techniques?featuring work from the likes of Keith Rowe, Fred Frith, Glenn Branca, Derek Bailey, Hans Reichal, Lee Ranaldo, Marc Ribot, Duane Denison and others.

Outsider Music, Outsider Musicians: Listen If You Dare

Thursday Mayhem 1 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Naysayer

To define an outsider musician often gives a description which might be used to explain many musicians: untrained, lo-fi, passionate, limited experience. Most musicians and bands start that way, but something different, unique, maybe not quantifiable separates the outsider. Tune in Thursday, Mayhem 1 from 10pm to 2am as we listen to a wide variety of outsider artists who have used their passion to create some of the most unique sounds around.

The Music of Egberto Gismonti

Friday Mayhem 2 10AM-2PM
Hosted by Goodwrench.

Brazilian composer/musician Egberto Gismonti burst on to the scene in 1969, and has been a steady contributor to Brazilian indigenous music/jazz since then. He's highly regarded in his native country, but not well-known in the US. This special will serve as an introduction to a distinguished 45-year career (still going, too).

The Brief Summer of Beaumont Hannant

Friday Mayhem 2 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Goodwrench.

British IDM producer Beaumont Hannant cut his teeth on hip-hop and electro in the 80s. He made his mark in techno/idm circles with a series of stunning releases on British outsider electronic label General Production Recordings in 1993 and 1994. In 1996 he transitioned to trip-hop in the group Outcast with fellow traveller Richard Brown, then faded from the scene - just a flash against the sky, but a bright one indeed.

Doing it to Death

Saturday Mayhem 3 begins at 2AM to Sunday 3AM
Hosted by Spliff Skankin', Danny Detroit, Soul Patrol Coll, Kevin O'Dante and more.

The annual birthday tribute to James Brown. The annual birthday tribute to the godfather of soul, the minister of the new new super heavy funk, soul brother number one, the hardest working man in show business, James Brown. Live recordings, alternative tracks, extended jams, oddities and rarities, interviews and testimonials. Join us for the James Brown hairstyle and dance contests, a funky good time is guaranteed for all.

To the Moon - Part 1

Sunday Mayhem 4 9AM-3PM
Hosted by Jersey Girl

Continuation of To the Moon. Hear the dramatic story of man's boldest venture - the United States' quest for the moon, from early dreams all the way to the Apollo 11 moon landing in July 1969. Based on the Time-Life audio history, this special focuses on the history of getting to the moon and the music it inspires.

Mego For Your Ego

Monday Mayhem 5 6AM-10AM
Hosted by Roland Blunt.

An exploration of work from Editions Mego?an international experimental electronic music label founded by Peter Rehberg in 2006.

Sally Goodin's Favorite Bluegrass Songs, Part 1

Monday Mayhem 5 10AM-2PM
Hosted by Sally Goodin

When I started thinking about possible Mayhem specials, I knew I would want to do a bluegrass show. After pondering what the show would be about, I decided that, instead of having a subject, or theme, I just wanted to play my favorite songs. So I started making a list, and it quickly became apparent that I had more favorite songs than would fit in one 4-hour show. Hence, Part 1.

The Music of Cosmos - A Personal Journey

Monday Mayhem 5 2PM-6PM
Hosted by Sir Cumference

In September 1980, a documentary series aired on Public Television that changed the way many looked at science. It was ground-breaking in it?s use of special effects, but it brought an amazingly diverse selection of music into the homes of millions of Americans. With the series of Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey currently on a major network, we revisit the sounds of Carl Sagan's Cosmos - A Personal Journey.

Don't Ask/Don't Tell: Moshing for the Rainbow

Monday Mayhem 5 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Greta Clue & Honey Bear

Greta Clue and Honey Bear will be opening up the closet to flesh out all the Queer Punk Rockers and give you a bareback history of disco queens, hardcore boys liking boys hardcore, and everything else under the rainbow. Curb the homophobia and get fabulous in the mosh pit.

To the Moon - Part2

Wedmesday Mayhem 7 7PM-10P
Hosted by Jersey Girl

Continuation of To the Moon. Hear the dramatic story of man's boldest venture - the United States' quest for the moon, from early dreams all the way to the Apollo 11 moon landing in July 1969. Based on the Time-Life audio history, this special focuses on the history of getting to the moon and the music it inspires.

Atomic Gardening

Wednesday Mayhem 7 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Honey Bear

We are going deep into producer Jack Shirly's work on incredible albums from some of todays leading and interesting punk and metal bands. We will be having a whole four hour show playing records that jack has produced and recorded at his studio, the Atomic Garden. Jack Shirly will be in the studio spinning records and talking about the records. He's also going to bring some rare goodies for us to check out!

The Female -Take- on Experimental and Electronic Music

Thursday Mayhem 8 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Naysayer

The female "take", or way of dealing with, electronic and experimental music really is not any different from the male version. It's just that female electronic and experimental musicians are not heard as often. Harsh, lyrical, glitch, painful, meditative, it's all there. For four hours that will be the focus. From Pauline Oliveros to Dinky and many in between. Listen in. I want to explore KFJC's catalogue of electronic and experimental music made by women to hear the diversity, challenge and excitement made by these composers and musicians. The search will bring up some well known women as well as showcase some more obscure female composers.

Joe Meek: Demented Musical Genius

Friday Mayhem 9 2PM-6PM
Hosted by Carson Street

Look at the life and music of Joe Meek pioneering English music producer and song writer. We will look at his music and some of the music produced by later generations that he influenced. He had hits and misses but in every record he produced he went for the "sound" he was looking for and invented recording techniques as needed to achieve it. His last work (not released until after his death) was I Hear a New World - a concept piece on which he produced music as an "outer space fantasy". This album influenced artists such as Steven Stapleton and Saint Etienne and the title song was covered by the Television Personalities, Mark Sultan and They Might Be Giants. Meek pioneered studio techniques such as multiple over-dubbing on one- and two-track machines, close miking, direct input of bass guitars, the compressor, and effects like echo and reverb, as well as sampling. Meek's best remembered record is "Telstar" which became the first record to reach #1 in the U.S. and England. Telstar was a neat combination of Meek's fascination with outer space, new recordings techniques and his obsession with the occult. Joe Meek was a paranoid of major proportions. Eventually it effected his work and led to him murder his landlady and commit suicide. He was gay at a time in the UK when homosexuality was illegal. He was convicted of "importuning for immoral purposes" in 1967 and fined. His life and genius were, shall we say, complicated.

Pete Namlook/Move D - Partners in Ambience

Friday Mayhem 9 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Goodwrench.

Peter Kuhlmann/Pete Namlook ran the prolific and influential Fax label from his home base in Frankfurt Germany until his untimely passing in 2012. His most frequent collaborator for joint releases was Heidelberg-based David Moufang, better known as Source Records founder/producer Move D. They did over 20 releases together. Even 8 hours will be but a brief introduction to such a huge body of work.

Electronic Texture of a Ghost: Featuring Ghostly International

Saturday Mayhem 10 3PM-6PM
Hosted by DJ Click.

Featuring Guest Artist, Christopher Willits, Dj Click will present information and sounds from record label and art company Ghostly International. Ghostly International represents material from diverse artists including: School of 7 Bells, Tycho, Christopher Willits, Matthew Dear, ADULT. Ghostly has consciously evolved in fifteen years as a label, always striving to incorporate new sounds to enhance it's cultural identity. Ghostly's refreshing sounds span across continents and genres with the intention to keep eyes and ears open. Christopher Willits will be joining up to play some tracks and discuss his unique sound patterns.

Surfing with surf music!

Saturday Mayhem 10 6PM-9PM
Hosted by Cousin Mary

Cousin Mary asks the eternal question - what do surf music and surfing have to do with each other? Will the answer come from interviews or from 3 hours of carefully selected surf music? Tune in to find out and for phone-in contests with exciting prizes!

Strange Is This World - Niemen: Monarch of Antiestablishment

Sunday Mayhem 10 9PM-12AM
Hosted by Magic Jack and Zbig Stanczyk

In June Poland will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the overthrow of the communist government which led to the new world order. Since the end of WW 2 music played an important role in subverting the political order in Poland. This helped in creating renowned hard rock, punk, and avant-garde scenes. Underground clubs thrived, independent labels released their own records. Musicians followed western trends but many sought their own way of expression. This three hour show will reflect trends in Polish music popular in the 70?s, 80?s and 90?s.

This year 2014 marks the tenth anniversary of death of one of the greatest musical geniuses to come out of Eastern Europe - Czeslaw Niemen. With the release of his debut album in 1967 ?Strange Is This World?, and a most important Polish protest song, Niemen was instantly crowned as the absolute monarch of rock. With his anti- establishment lyrics, bohemian life style, avant-garde music he became favorite target of annoyed communist officials. Following his stellar popularity in Poland, Niemen tried to build up a career in the West but his music was way too advanced for the commercial market. He did manage however to get signed by CBS and record albums with Jan Hammer and Rick Laird from Mahavishnu Orchestra. Niemen went much beyond blues and psychedelic sound. We will introduce music of this sometimes still shocking artist.

A Little Dap?ll do ya! : A Celebration of Daptone Records

Sunday Mayhem 11 12AM-3AM
Hosted by Cadillac Margarita

,A Celebration of Brooklyn?s Daptone Records, a musician- owned and run record label, which has brought us stellar funk, soul, & R&B releases from talented and charismatic performers like Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, Charles Bradley & Menahan Street Band, The Budos Band, The Sugarman 3, and Antibalas, and many more. They continue to expand, adding Ever Records, Dunham Records, and a series of funky 45s to their impressive list of musical endeavors.

Nothing Is Permanent: African Funk and Pop in the 1970s

Sunday Mayhem 11 3AM-6AM
Hosted by Public Domain

The Golden Age of African popular music is usually considered to have been from the late 1960s until the early 1980s, an era of military dictatorships, civil wars and the end of a short-lived economic boom?and the era of a bewildering array of aesthetic and cultural experiments as African musicians fused local traditions with new technologies and global sounds. This special explores some of the main branches of those experiments, focusing on the Afro-Funk and Neo-Highlife of Ghana and Nigeria, Mbalax in Senegal, and Soukous in Zaire. Tune in to hear and learn more about these uniquely African responses to a world in flux.

Dirty Sweets

Sunday Mayhem 11 Noon-3PM
Hosted by DJ Click

A set of glittery dark modulations, the heart beat and sexual textures of synth post-rock velveteen rabbits. Minimal to lush. Growing complex and then urbane. Dropping a sparkling blood diamond into the pool drain, glittering water surface burn spots into your vision. At least for now, you are alive.

Camp Now Wave - SKiN GRAFT Records

Sunday Mayhem 11 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Abacus Finch.

For over twenty years the punk comic book that is Skin Graft has been releasing music that tears apart and re-purposes genres once known as no-wave / noise rock into a creature distinctly its own, the beast known as Now Wave. With appendages of the likes of Ruins, Arab on Radar, AIDS Wolf, Melt-Banana, Lake of Dracula and more, the beast has sharp teeth, an erratic demeanor and a nasty nasty temper.Tune in to wig out.

Dub-Wise: The Reign of King Tubby

Monday Mayhem 12 6AM-10AM
Hosted by Roland Blunt

Wake and bake to a 4-hour celebration of the sonic legacy created by Osborne "King Tubby" Ruddock (1941-1989)?.pioneer of Jamaican "dub versions"?as well as his royal descendants Lloyd "Prince Jammy" James, and Overton "Scientist" Brown.

Bloodshot Records

Monday Mayhem 12 10AM-2PM
Hosted by Sally Goodin

Bloodshot Records, founded in 1993, is an independent record label based in Chicago that specializes in "Insurgent Country" music. Their artist list includes Scott H Biram, Justin Townes Earle, Robbie Fulks, Jon Langford, and many more. Join me for an informal survey of their recordings.

Ploughing a blazing furrow: The Bevis Frond special Part 1

Monday Mayhem 12 7PM-11PM
Hosted by Daryl Licht, Pete Dixon & Earl Grey.

For over 28 years, prolific songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Nick Saloman has steered The Bevis Frond from a home studio solo project through a number of incarnations to the present day, releasing 24 albums along the way. We talk to Nick about his songs and experiences while enjoying a selection of his songs, ranging from poignant acoustic ballads to scorching psychedelic workouts.

Is A Vibes

Tuesday Mayhem 13 10AM-2PM
Hosted by Fox Populi.

We comin at ya now, we full of energy, we going night and day, when the music start to flow, make sur your waist line in tack now. La vie dou (the hard life), wi.

An exploration into da musical, linguistic and geopolitical history of da Eastern Caribbean, da West Indies as dey be calling we like dat. Be here to talk bout indigenous cultures, Western exploration, settlement, slavery, rastafarianism and turf wars between French and English, yet we still going strong.

Soca, bouyon, calypso and zouk, reggaeton? an all night jump up in the middle of the day!


Tuesday Mayhem 13 2PM-6PM
Hosted by Mickey Slim.

Synesthesic sounds from the vinyl library. Colors abound in through rhythms, a deep intrinsic voyage through multiple senses. Four hours of colored vinyl...

The Sons of Champlin's Long Road to Obscurity

Tuesday Mayhem 13 7PM-10PM
Hosted by Art Crimes

The Sons of Champlin began as a Marin-based band in 1967 that would later split and reform a number of times, seemingly calling it quits in 1977. Over the course of many years, the Sons employed some interesting business strategies, among them being (1) change your name so many times that nobody will be sure who you are, (2) hire a baseball team owner as your manager, and (3) getting high is a reasonable solution to any problem. But the Sons would be successful on their own terms, if not anyone else?s? they were the first San Francisco area band to feature a horn section as part of their sound -- not to mention a vibraphone and the ripping, jazz-infused playing of guitarist Terry Haggerty -- and they were far more influenced by R&B and jazz than by the electrified blues and folk music that served as the core of so many other SF bands? set lists. A new version of the Sons with several original members in the lineup has been back doing gigs since 1997, but we?ll focus on key tracks from the Sons? early LPs, live music from their appearances on the SF ballroom scene, and other audio evidence that shows how the Sons were truly a distinctive group, starting out in an era when psychedelic bands were a dime a dozen.

Celtic Poetry

Tuesday Mayhem 13 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Lord Gravestench.

Brest's Legions Noires were perhaps the original French black metal cult; these 11 individuals vomited forth dozens of black metal, noise and dark ambient recordings via numerous projects between 1993-1997, often in very limited releases. Join Lord Gravestench for a four hour Satanic safari through their discography.

Marc Ribot : Sideman Front and Center

Wednesday Mayhem 14 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Scab Pickens and Honey Bear

Marc Ribot is an avant garde guitarist with a unique style that is off balance without ever being in danger of falling down. He is probably most famous as a sideman for the likes of Tom Waits, but has also served as the bandleader and (underrated) vocalist in Los Cubanos Postizos, Ceramic Dog, and other groups. This four hour mash up will feature songs from all of his projects and range from Cuban jazz to no wave to rock and roll. Tune in to have your brain reshaped.

Hungry Freaks: The Goodrich Brothers and Their Zines

Thursday Mayhem 15 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Naysayer

Back in the 1990's, two brothers decided to take their mutual interest in exploitation films, grind house culture, weird soundtracks, rare music and outsider life style and showcase that in a zine format. "Hungry Freaks" was born out of this. The issues that were published covered a lot of territory, being at the forefront of what became a cultural phenomenon of interest in the odd, unusual and extreme. One issue was recognized by the New York Museum of Modern Art for it's artistic quality and was put on display in the museum. For four hours Miles and Sebastian will talk about "Hungry Freaks", as well as play music that influenced them, that they reviewed and that they currently listen to.

Trance States and Reality Breaks: Parallel Worlds and Escaping the Reality Tunnel

Friday Mayhem 16 2AM-6AM
Hosted by Lady Labyrinith

A show dedicated to artists exploring, inspired by or actively creating alternative timelines, parallel worlds, or trance states that break with what is known as consensus reality. We?ll hear stories, songs, lectures and poems from Philip K. Dick, Terrence McKenna, Robert Anton Wilson, Jorge Luis Borges and Harry Smith, Daniel Higgs, Roy Montgomery, La Monte Young, Rahsaan Roland Kirk and other oneirnauts of dream time and the multiverse.

Pete Namlook/Move D - Partners in Ambience part 2

Friday Mayhem 16 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Goodwrench.

Peter Kuhlmann/Pete Namlook ran the prolific and influential Fax label from his home base in Frankfurt Germany until his untimely passing in 2012. His most frequent collaborator for joint releases was Heidelberg-based David Moufang, better known as Source Records founder/producer Move D. They did over 20 releases together. Even 8 hours will be but a brief introduction to such a huge body of work.

The Beat of the Brass

Saturday Mayhem 17 3PM-6PM
Hosted by Max Level.

During the 1960’s, handsome trumpeter Herb Alpert led his posse The Tijuana Brass through a hugely successful decade, releasing a dozen hit albums and performing all over the world. In the 1970’s and beyond, Alpert fronted various lineups, still using the Tijuana Brass name, but the batch of records released 1962-69, credited to the “original” lineup, were the coolest and the most memorable. Those are the records we’ll be listening to. Instrumental pop music from south of the border… what could be better on a beautiful Saturday afternoon?

What? KFJC has a classical music library?

Saturday Mayhem 17 6PM-8PM
Hosted by Cousin Mary

On the highest shelf in the KFJC pit, there are 100s of classical LPs. Many have been at the station for years, some have been more recently rescued from dumpsters, most have never been played. Join Cousin Mary on an archeological dig through this time capsule of recordings of classical music from all eras.

Brion Gysin, William S. Burroughs and the cut-up method

Saturday Mayhem 17 9PM-3AM
Sluggo, Nancy Reagan, Mickey Slim

The cut-up technique, in which text or a recorded work is cut up and then re-arranged to create a new work has its roots in Dadaism, but was popularised by William S. Burroughs after being "rediscovered" by Brion Gysin in the 1950s. In this special we will explore the works of both Gysin and Burroughs.

Tactile Timbres - Touch

Sunday Mayhem 18 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Abacus Finch

The UK-based Touch publishing house works in the field of audiovisual design, curating and fostering artist development internationally since 1982. As a music label, they release variations of computer music, field recordings, modern classical and much more, representing sound artists from Chris Watson and Biosphere to Mika Vainio, Fennesz and Philip Jeck. Join us as we cultivate the label's vast biodiversity and indulge in the captivating sonic sensations offered.

Sally Goodin's Favorite Bluegrass Songs, Part 2

Monday Mayhem 19 10AM-2PM
Hosted by Sally Goodin

About thirty years ago, a friend of mine brought some of his dad's old bluegrass records to my house and told me I needed to listen to them; and he was right. I'm still listening to them. Many of these songs are ones I have learned and played in countless bluegrass jams over the years.

Ploughing a blazing furrow: The Bevis Frond special Part 2

Monday Mayhem 19 7PM-11PM Hosted by Daryl Licht, Pete Dixon & Earl Grey. Monday Mayhem 12 7PM-11PM
Hosted by Daryl Licht, Pete Dixon & Earl Grey.

For over 28 years, prolific songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Nick Saloman has steered The Bevis Frond from a home studio solo project through a number of incarnations to the present day, releasing 24 albums along the way. We talk to Nick about his songs and experiences while enjoying a selection of his songs, ranging from poignant acoustic ballads to scorching psychedelic workouts.

Ode to Salty Greens

Tuesday Mayhem 20 2PM-6PM
Hosted by Honey Bear

Joe Preston is the heaviest bassist around! Playing on some of the best Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal albums in the last 25 years. With more heart then anyone else in the genre, he forges on and continues showing us how much power one man can wield. Let's take a listen and celebrate 25 years of thick bass lines, robotic vocals, and miles upon miles traveled!

Quality Time

Tuesday Mayhem 20 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Lord Gravestench.
Lord Gravestench explores the discography of Whitehouse, abusive fathers of the 'power electronics' subgenre in industrial music. It's gonna hurt.

K Records

Wednesday Mayhem 21 2AM-6AM
Hosted by Lady Labyrinith

Started in 1982 as a humble Independent Cassette label in downtown Olympia Washington, K-Records has become a hugely influential cultural hub for underground musicians in the Pacific Northwest. In this special we'll be exploring LoFi and Punk artists such as The Beat Happening, Mecca Normal, The Vaselines, Lois, Old Time Relijiun, Kimya Dawson, and many many more pulled from KFJC's extensive collection.

Maximum Respect for the On-U Sound Label

Wednesday Mayhem 21 2PM-6PM
Hosted by Selector.

Selector explores the cross-breeding of Jamacian dub and punk at On-U Sound, the label of Adrian Sherwood. Get pounded by dub from artists such as Tackhead, Dub Syndicate, Creation Rebel, New Age Steppers, and Singers & Players.


Wednesday Mayhem 21 7PM-10PM
Hosted by Robert Emmett

I got a stack a records here,
A stack of records there,
I’ve got records scattered all over everywhere.
But I’m looking for one that I can’t find,
The one where the guitar plays so fine,
‘Cause that’s the only one my baby loves to hear.

Before the digital age, before the age of CDs, there was vinyl and acetates spinning in juke joints, shotgun shacks, and smoky bars. In 1948 Billboard magazine started calling ?race music? rhythm and blues. Hip hillbillies were going electric. Suave entertainment personalities were flirting in these sweaty backwaters, and rock had 4-letter-word connotations. The 40?s and 50?s were a great time for music. Jump Blues, Rockabilly, Rhythm & Blues - just all this crazy hopping music. On the special, we?ll be listening at has-been?s, the shoulda-been?s, the never-were?s playing on 78s and 45s from the 40?s and 50?s and the edge of the 60?s. Some of these were big hits - on small stations and in places like Motormouth Maybelle?s Baltimore record store (John Waters Hairspray - AND Maybelle was played by RnB legend Ruth Brown!).

A Night and Day of the Sun (start)

A Night and Day of the Sun

Thursday Mayhem 22 begins Wednesday 10PM to Friday 2AM
Hosted by Spliff Skankin', Nancy Reagan, abacus finch, Soul Patrol Collective and others.

KFJC's annual birthday tribute to Sun Ra and his Arkestra. Each DJ will give their interpretation of Sun Ra's music, poetry, artistry, and longevity with fluid rustle and cosmic swirl.

DJ Set from DJ Frane

Friday May 23 at 7:PM
Supersonic euphoria and gravitational communications with a DJ set by the genius of "Beats to Blaze To", ! DJ Frane spins records and creates sounds from the KFJC Master studio starting around 7:30. Tune in. Turn on. Hosted by Maybelline.

Techno in Columbus?

Friday Mayhem 23 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Goodwrench.

Everyone knows that Cleveland rocks - Ian Hunter told us so. But Columbus? Naaaah.... Guess again. This special presents a peek at two interesting Columbus-based electronic labels, 21:22 Corporation and Residual Recordings. There may be more...

What? KFJC has a classical music library? Part 2

Saturday Mayhem 24 6PM-8PM
Hosted by Cousin Mary

On the highest shelf in the KFJC pit, there are 100s of classical LPs. Many have been at the station for years, some have been more recently rescued from dumpsters, most have never been played. Join Cousin Mary on an archeological dig through this time capsule of recordings of classical music from all eras.

Patterns of Sound: Dead Oceans

Saturday Mayhem 24 9PM-12AM
Hosted by DJ CLICK

Dj Click will present information and sounds from the Artists on Dead Oceans. The label has a small, powerful roster of Artists including: A Place To Bury Strangers, Dub Thompson, Phosphorescent, John Vanderslice, and Bishop Allen. Branching out from Secretly Canadian in 2007, the Dead Oceans label "focus(es) on bold and timeless recordings, not emphasizing a particular genre or scene, but instead fostering a diverse stable of sound-creators".

The Soul World of the Numero Group Label

Sunday Mayhem 25 12AM-3AM
Hosted by Naysayer

Since 2003, the Numero Group label has been releasing soul compilation albums focusing on long lost and forgotten labels, studios and producers, as well as extensive looks into specific genres or sub- genres such as children soul singers or gospel funk. On Sunday, May 24 from 12:00 am to 3:00 am, Naysayer will take over the Soul Patrol and have a Numero Group soul listening party. Get ready to dance to some of the best grooves you never heard.


Sunday Mayhem 25 6AM-9AM
Hosted by Muad'Dib

A history of noise as a musical genre. Featuring an interview with David Novak, Associate Professor of Music at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and author of the book Japanoise. We will explore the concept of feedback in noise, both as a cultural process and a technical means of the creation of sound.

Ennio Morricone- Father of the Spaghetti Western Soundtrack

Sunday Mayhem 25 10AM-12PM
Hosted by Surfer Rosa

Italian composer Ennio Morricone has written soundtracks for over 500 films and television shows. Morricone's work was pivotal to the sound of the Spaghetti Western during the 1960s, defining the slightly surfy, infectious sound of this genre. We will explore his fantastic body of music through soundtracks and movie clips.

Tidal Impulse

Sunday Mayhem 25 Noon-3PM
Hosted by DJ Click

A raging set of waves crashing into the embarcadero of your aorta. Tribal textures, minimal loops build nuances and intricacies within the maze of emotions. Gushing and pulsating, flowing between those hard calcifications that hurt when you feel too much. The breeze is fresh and salty on your cheek. You smell fish. A gull cries.

What is Ethiojazz? Part 1: The Golden Age

Sunday Mayhem 25 3PM-7PM
Hosted by Ann Arbor and DJ Bobo Z

In Ethiopia, there was a golden age of African jazz in the 1960s and 1970s before the overthrow of H.I,M. Haile Selassie I in 1975. Such artists as Mahmoud Ahmed, Gétatchèw Mèkurya, Menelik Wossenachew, Mulatu Astatke and others blazed the way and created an Ethiopian exponent of jazz that was unique. This segment will introduce Ethiojazz featuring these artists and the Ethiopiques series.

The BBC Radiophonic Workshop Workshop

Sunday Mayhem 25: 7PM-9PM
Hosted by Surfer Rosa.

As the first institution to bring early electronic music out of the academic avant gaurd and into the ears of the public, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop has been delighting the airwaves with a mix of homemade, squiggly electronic sounds since 1958. We will explore the early history of the workshop from its beginnings to about 1970. This special will feature early compositions, sound effects and theme songs produced by the work shop as well as highlighting works and histories from some of its most prominent composers such as Daphne Oram, Delia Derbyshire and Brian Hodgson. Also featured will be pieces composed with the Workshop's homemade electronic instruments such as the Wobbulator and the Oramics graphically controlled synthesizer. Tune in and feast your ears on the mother-ship of bleeps and bloops. Hosted by Surfer Rosa, Sunday May 25th 7-10pm.

Force Fed Confusion - Feeding Tube Records

Sunday Mayhem 25: 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Abacus Finch

From the outer fringes of obscurity the deconstructive obstructionists of Feeding Tube Records have deliberately debunked any and all musical motif for almost 10 years, releasing surf, noise, pop, folk, funk, skronk, and everything in beyond and between. Cuddle up with your favorite earwig as we burrow into the label's innermost cavities for a four hour tickle party of tawdry taboo and turmoil.

Mayhem Concrete, Pt. 2

Monday Mayhem 26 6AM-10AM
Hosted by Roland Blunt

In the late 1940's, French composer and theoretician Pierre Schaeffer coined the term "musique concrete" to describe sound manipulation experiments that were designed "to point out an opposition with the way musical work usually goes. Instead of notating musical ideas on paper?and entrusting their realization to well-known instruments, the question was to collect concrete sounds, wherever they came from, and to abstract the musical values they were potentially containing". In this two part special, I will present some of the earliest works by composers (Pierre Henry, Edgard Verese, Iannis Xenakis, Pierre Boulez, Luc Ferrari, Michel Chion, Hugh Le Caine, Francis Dhomont, Todd Dockstader, Robert Normandau, Otto Luening, Vladimir Ussachevsky, Alvin Lucier, Milton Babbit, Francois Bayle, and many others) that were inspired by Scheffer's electroacoustic techniques, and achieved through the development of such concepts and devices as shellac record players/recorders?microphone arrays?magnetic tape recorders?mechanical reverb?high/low pass filters?the "phonogene"?the "morphophone"?the mixing desk?.and the "Acousmonium".

Rockabilly in the 1950's

Monday Mayhem 26 10AM-2PM
Hosted by Sally Goodin

Rockabilly was a new genre of music born in the 1950's - a blend of country music and rhythm and blues, and was the precursor to rock and roll. Here are some of the classic recordings from that time.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - The Quintessential Phase

Monday Mayhem 26 2PM-6PM
Hosted by Sir Cumference

The final series of the increasingly improbably titled Hitchhikers Trilogy. All four episodes (one each hour) along with music used in the first series of this classic sci-fi comedy radio program.

William S. Burroughs at 100 pt.1

Monday Mayhem 26 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Sluggo, Nancy Reagan, Mickey Slim

In this multi-part centennial retrospective we will explore the life and recorded works of William S. Burroughs.

Name That Game

Tuesday Mayhem 27 6PM-7PM
Hosted by HackersMuse

HackersMuse hosts musical Mayhem games, bringing you an eclectic selection of songs from, and inspired by, video games. Put your 1337 gamer knowledge to the test and call in to Name That Game for fabulous loot!

Ska Family Generations

Tuesday Mayhem 27 7PM-10PM
Hosted by Selector

Starting in the 60's, we'll take a tour through 3+ generations of Ska music. From it's roots as a fusion of Mento and Jazz, we will skank through the rude-boy sounds of Duke Reid and Clement Dodd in the 60's, the British ska revivalists of `79, and the 90s "Third Wave", including the jazzier sounds of Hepcat and New York Ska Jazz Ensemble, and the edgier sounds of Operation Ivy and Rancid.

William S. Burroughs at 100 pt.2

Tuesday Mayhem 27 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Sluggo, Nancy Reagan, Mickey Slim

In this multi-part centennial retrospective we will explore the life and recorded works of William S. Burroughs.

What the hell are you listening too? That?s not music its noise

Wednesday Mayhem 28 2AM-6AM
Hosted by Lurker

Covering thee sounds of Dominick Fernow. From his early days recording noisewith a microphone and amplifier, to his more recent and structured work with Prurient and Vatican Shadow. His music has brought attention to an emotional and often disregarded art form. Often relegated to the fringe of the music world he has helped bring it to the forefront with his works and his performance at the Red Bull Music Academy. Recordings with various artist and labels including his own Hospital Productions will be covered over a 4 hour grave shift.

Milk and Cookies with Caddy and Pax

Wednesday Mayhem 28 7PM-10PM
Hosted by Cadillac Margarita and Pax Humana

Let's have a blast playing songs from the library that have either ?milk? or ?cookies? in the title. This is a celebration of our friendship, which started in Radio 90A, and of our love for milk and cookies, and of course, our passion for KFJC!!!

Dreaming of New Worlds

Wednesday Mayhem 28 10PM-2AM
10PM-2AMHoney Bear

Fall into a deep slumber and awake with the ambient soundscapes of Robert Rich. Prepare to be slipped away into a part of your mind that flourishes with wonder and excitement as master sonic craftsmen, Robert Rich, reshapes the magic that we call sound.

Sweet Lou: A tribute to the music and life of Lou Reed

Thursday Mayhem 29 2AM-6AM
Hosted by Lady Labyrinith

Lou Reed New York's Poet of the misfit masses, Rock idol glorifying raw depravity, Outspoken, often off-putting, and ultimately one of the 20th century's most influential songwriters. Join us throughout the 2am-6am hours in celebrating Lou Reed's musical work with selections spanning the entirety of his career from his early Do Wop influenced bands, the world changing Velvet Underground period, his glitter and gritty 70's solo career, and various collaborations, interviews and curious projects. Also joining the mix will be tributes and covers from other musicians influenced by the undeniable force of art and nature known as Lou Reed.

Anna Homler: It Comes From a Cellular Place

Thursday Mayhem 29 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Naysayer

Improvisor, performance artist, energy shifter, electronic musician, toy instrument manipulator, vocalist, poet, installation artist, bread language originator: the list goes on and on. A true renaissance woman, Anna Homler has spent most of her life exploring the realms of the avant -garde to express hope, surprise, mystery and wonder. Naysayer will talk live with Homler about her music, art, and interests. Selections of her music will be played as well as other musician's pieces that have influenced her. She will give a live performance with Scott Walton on double bass and Michael Vlatkovich on trombone.

24 Hour Drone

Friday Mayhem 30 10p to Sunday June 1 12a
Hosted by Nozmo King and The Norman Conquest

24 Hour Drone is a day long, continuously live performance with over forty musicians working in concert to create a seamless and unforgettable listening experience. Hosted by Nozmo King and The Norman Conquest.

Say the word drone, chances are most people will think you mean Unmanned Aerial Vehicles deployed by armed forces in far-flung places. But a drone can also be found in the sounds we hear. Without getting too technical, a drone is any sustained tone. Drone is also a style of music emphasizing timbre and is rhythmically still, or very slow, with minimal variation. It can be acoustic, electronic, or a combination of both. Take for example, , a composer whose single-focused music is an intense, immersive listening experience. This is what we mean when we say drone.

24-hour Drone continued

Friday Mayhem 30 10p to Saturday Mayhem 31 10p
Hosted by Nozmo King with The Norman Conquest.

24-hours of continuous, drone music live mics with no interruption.

Heavy Skrotation

Sunday June 1 7PM-10PM
Hosted by Thurston Hunger

The Skrot Up cassette label run by Morten Brohammer out of Denmark connects independent artists from all over the world. It's an odyssey of audio oddities, with a compelling amount of variety for a "micro" label. We'll celebrate the first 100 releases of Skrot Up, play some of them and give away a couple and chat with Morten about the next 100 to come!

The World of WordSound Recordings

Saturday June 7 12PM-3PM
Hosted by Mstiza

MSTIZA takes an in depth look at WordSound Recordings, a unique record label that has remained untainted by the music industry. Wordsound Recording's dub/hip hop/ experimental artists and their music will be highlighted. The special will include an exclusive interview with founder Skiz Fernando.

What is Ethiojazz? Part 2: The Contemporary Era

Sunday June 8 12PM-3PM
What is Ethiojazz? Part 2: The Contemporary Era:
Hosted by Ann Arbor and DJ Bobo Z.

Fast forward to after the fall of the junta and the subsequent war with Eritrea to the year 2000. This segment will feature Ethiojazz from the Ethiopian diaspora and non-Ethiopian EthioJazzists such as Sun Hop Fat, Le Tigre des Platanes, Imperial Tiger Orchestra, the Debo Band, Either/Orchestra, Dub Colossus, and the Heliocentrics,

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