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Short descriptions of Mayhem Specials

On Beyond Belafonte: The Real Calypso Superheroes

Wednesday Mayhem 2 6AM-10AM
Hosted by Ann Arbor

Calypso music originated in Trinidad in the 19th century and has been a means of subversive communication since the days of slavery.

You'll meet the superheroes of Calypso since the 1930s: Roaring Lion, Lord Kitchener, Lord Invader, Mighty Sparrow, Mighty Terror and others.

Steve Albini is a Meanie

Wednesday Mayhem 2 2PM-6PM
Hosted by Monotone Heroine and Honey Bear

Everyone (or basically everyone?) knows that Steve Albini is a prolific producer. We want to focus on another facet, his bands. Playing from his wide body of work, expect to hear anything and everything Albini has been a part of during his musical career.

Sup Nerds: 20 years of Phat N Phunky Records

Wednesday Mayhem 2 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Honey Bear

Diving deep into the Phat N Phunky discography to shed some light on this bedroom record label that is celebrating its 20th anniversary. What started as a silly idea from a cat loving, anime watching punk rocker, to a humble and meaningful label. Label operator Bob Vilma takes us through the odds and ends of what the Phat N Phunky family has to offer.

Doing It To Death

Thursday Mayhem 3-Friday Mayhem 4 2AM Thu-2AM Fri
Hosted by Spliff Skankin' and others

What the Hell is That? Episode 1: What Time is It?

Friday Mayhem 4 5AM-6AM
Hosted by Dominic Trix

Dominic Trix visits a time when radio was king and an interesting (now obsolete) device was a broadcasting mainstay ... the lowly cart. Sort of a cross between an 8-track and a self contained loop tape. Pre mini-disc, pre CD's and pre digital pure analog bliss! Find out more as we just barely touch on this forgotten radio gem! Hosted by Dominic Trix.

Return of the Black Saint

Friday Mayhem 4 10AM-2PM
Hosted by Goodwrench

Black Saint is an exquisite avant-jazz label established in Milan, Italy in 1975. Their catalog includes over 190 albums, many of them meticulously recorded in Milan with artists passing through. Back in October 2006, the KFJC Jazz Collective was kicked off with an All-Black Saint set - this special offers a more informed return to the label 12 years down the line.

Worm Interface Part 1

Friday Mayhem 4 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Goodwrench

Worm Interface was a very special London-based electronic label associated with the Ambient Soho record store. The label began in 1994 and lasted until 2004, releasing everything from sublime ambience to mad drum & bass. Join Goodwrench for a mad roller coaster ride...

Three Hours of Chanting

Saturday Mayhem 5 3AM-6AM
Hosted by Katie 2

Three hours of chanting from different parts of the world hosted by Katie 2.


Saturday Mayhem 5 12PM-3PM
Hosted By Carson Street

Each and every volume of The Rubble Collection is a mind blowing treasure trove of acid rock and pop. Rubble is more obscure, and in some ways more compelling, than Nuggets. The Rubble Collection features a myriad of lesser known acts and tracks. Are there bands whose names you will recognize? Maybe. Join me for three hours of rocking Rubble and find out.

Colonial Collapse

Saturday Mayhem 5 3PM-6PM
Hosted by Teachers AIDS

black metal incinerates interlopers of Europe, Eastern Bloc, Austrailia and Canada. folk music from KFJC's International library toasts the fallout. hosted by Teachers AIDS

The Importance of Being Pop

Saturday Mayhem 5 9PM-12AM
Hosted By Cocktailsfor2 & Zero Gravity

From The Kinks, Small Faces, and The Who through The Raspberries, Badfinger, and The Flamin' Groovies to Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe and The Knack, Power Pop was more than just hooks - it was a distinctive style with melody, jangly guitars, immaculate harmonies, and an attitude.

Guests Cyril Jordan and Chris Wilson from the Flamin' Groovies (whose 1978 "Shake Some Action" is an early Power Pop classic) join Cocktailsfor2 and Zero Gravity in talking about the progenitors and performers of Power Pop, what constitutes a great Power Pop tune, and much more.


Sunday Mayhem 6 7PM-10PM
Hosted by Droll

A Trifecta occurs when the album title, artist's name, and track name are all the same. The KFJC library has over 100 Trifectas spanning all libraries and genres, although there's enough of a metal bias to make the Trifecta seem like a genre signpost (Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Body Count, Motorhead, Leatherwolf, etc.). Get a "Happy Feeling" and/or be a "Hallucinator"! "Slow Walkers" and "Old & in the Way" listeners are welcome. Experience that refreshing Trifecta oneness feeling over and over and over again.

Country Comedy Part 1

Monday Mayhem 7 10AM-2PM
Hosted by Sally Goodin

Bill Laswell

Monday Mayhem 7th 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Les Payne

A thematic survey of the prolific bassist-producer and his frequent collaborators.

The Nakatani Percussion Family

Tuesday Mayhem 8 6PM-10PM
Hosted by Max Level

An overview of solo work and collaborations by contemporary percussion master Tatsuya Nakatani. Will feature recorded interview.

On Beyond Belafonte: The Real Calypso Superheroes

Wednesday Mayhem 9 6AM-10AM
Hosted by Ann Arbor

Calypso music originated in Trinidad in the 19th century and has been a means of subversive communication since the days of slavery.

You'll meet the superheroes of Calypso since the 1930s: Roaring Lion, Lord Kitchener, Lord Invader, Mighty Sparrow, Mighty Terror and others.

Immortal Gods

Wednesday Mayhem 9 7PM-10PM
Hosted by Lexi Glass

Eddy Detroit is a acid-fried satanist biker punk turned free-love hippy bongo player extraordinaire. Originally from (you guessed it) Detroit, Eddy was on the periphery of the MC5/White Panther scene before moving to Los Angeles in the 70s and getting caught up in the avant-garde punk movement there. In the 80s he moved to Phoenix, where playing with local bands like the Meat Puppets and becoming an unofficial member of the Sun City Girls. Tune in for an interview with Eddy and selections from his discography, from his first LP, the 1982 cult classic Immortal Gods to his latest freak folk works.

Electronic Music Herstory

Thursday Mayhem 10 2PM-6PM
Hosted By Billie Joe Tolliver

We will explore some of electronic music herstory and artists who have created space for much of the sounds we enjoy today. Featuring: Laurie Anderson, Bebe Barron, Johanna Beyer, Wendy Carlos, Suzanne Ciani, Delia Derbyshire, Doris Norton, Daphne Oram, Pauline Oliveros, Eliane Radigue, Clara Rockmore, Jessica Rylan, Laurie Spiegel, Carla Scaletti, and others.

Worm Interface Part 2

Friday Mayhem 11 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Goodwrench

Worm Interface was a very special London-based electronic label associated with the Ambient Soho record store. The label began in 1994 and lasted until 2004, releasing everything from sublime ambience to mad drum & bass. Join Goodwrench for a mad roller coaster ride...

Temple of Techno

Saturday Mayhem 12 2AM-6AM
Hosted By Kai Sync

The Ancient Mystical Order of the Temple of Techno opens its creaky doors for the fifth time for a Berlin club-like experience. Join in for a continuous 4-hour live techno mix by Kai Sync.

Weather Report

Saturday Mayhem 12 12PM-3PM
Hosted By Carson Street

Weather Report is considered to be one of the preeminent jazz fusion bands. They outlasted all of their contemporaries with a career that lasted sixteen years. The band was nearly always a quintet of keyboards, sax, bass, drums, and percussion. Numerous personnel changes over the years kept the band fresh and innovative. They remained centered on jazz but also included various elements of art music, ethnic music, R&B, funk and rock. Tune in for the music of Weather Report.

Portuguese Men of War and Saharan Caliphate

Saturday Mayhem 12 3PM-6PM
Hosted by Teachers AIDS

black metal torches rivals in the conquest of Gondwana and the African Arab alliance. Folk music from KFJC's International library cauterizes the wound. Hosted by Teachers AIDS

WU-HEM: a WU-TANG Mayhem Special Vol. II

Sunday Mayhem 13 12AM-3AM
Hosted by Herb Rockwell

Adrian Belew: Twang Bar King

Sunday Mayhem 13 7PM-10PM
Hosted by Droll

Adrian Belew is an experimental guitarist, popster, sideman, and railfan.

Discovered by Zappa, envied by Eno, poached by Bowie, sideman on dozens of hits, prog front-man, art popster, punny weirdo, and nice guy. Adrian Belew's signature guitar style has stayed relevant for over 40 years, he continues to be on the forefront of using effects and extended technique.

Country Comedy Part 2

Monday Mayhem 14 10AM-2PM
Hosted by Sally Goodin

Canned Tunes and pre-Programmed Radio

Monday Mayhem 14 5PM-6PM
Hosted by Dominic Trix

Join Dominic Trix as he jumps into the fantastic world of carts and the machines that played them. Celebrating their 60 year birthday and sudden demise.


Monday Mayhem 14 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Les Payne

a wilderness journey through layered sound with nothing but a compass, a knife, and a magnifying glass.

An Assortment of Audio Ailments - The Auris Apothecary label

Tuesday Mayhem 15 6PM-10PM
Hosted by Max Level

This label based in Bloomington, IN embraces obscure formats, atypical packaging, and DIY ethics. Wide-ranging sounds from ukulele ballads to headcrushing metal. AA is notorious for, among other things, their "anti-records" releases in various formats that are difficult, sometimes nearly impossible, to play. Tune in and find out what's up with that. We will also have a few strange/beautiful things to give away to lucky listeners.

Kaleidoscope of Colored Vinyl - Volume 4

Tuesday Mayhem 15 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Ras Babo, Mickey Slim, Milo Minderbender, and special guests

Fourth annual Kaleidoscope of Colored Vinyl will be an audio and video special. Only colored vinyl albums will be played and artistically displayed live via our webcam footage. Hypnotize yourself as you watch the spinning colored platters and gyrate uncontrollably to the music.

Femme Metale

Wednesday Mayhem 16 2PM-6PM
Hosted By Monotone Heroine

Metal is music for men, or so the stereotype goes. But scratch the surface and you'll see that, whether on the stage or in the moshpit, there's room for everyone to scream or shred their hearts out. Dispelling the myth that you need to be a dude or dude-adjacent to be a metal enthusiast, we'll spend four hours with the best of what the women on the scene have to offer. Welcome to the darkness, where gender is irrelevant ('cause you can't see it).

Dealing With The Box

Friday Mayhem 18 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Goodwrench

'Die Welt Ist Klang' (The World is Sound) was a massive 8-CD boxed set released in 2013 to benefit the family of Fax Records label head Peter Kuhlman (Pete Namlook), who passed away suddenly in November 2012. In addition to contributions from former and current Fax artists, the set contains tributes from many other artists from around the globe. Goodwrench dives into the box and tries to make some sense of its contents.

Psych Now

Saturday Mayhem 19 12PM-3PM
Hosted By Carson Street

Psychedelic music continues to evolve and influence other genres. Never stronger than in the current "Psychedelic Renaissance" psych music inspires festivals around the world and new bands emerge every year. So who???s doing what over the last few years? How about we listen to Sula Bassana, Radio Moscow, Mmoss, Black Bombaim, Libido Fuzz, Dead Lettuce, Male Gaze Wolf People and more. Join me for some Psych fun.

Gaijin Shogun Imperial Dynasty

Saturday Mayhem 19 3PM-6PM
Hosted by Teachers AIDS

black metal cremates the blood of Asian and Vedic civilisation. folk music from KFJC's International library shuffles the ash. Hosted by Teachers AIDS.

Prison Tatts Never Fade

Saturday Mayhem 19 at 9:PM-Midnight
Hosted by Lord Gravestench

2017 saw the unexpected passing of Wm Berger, host of WFMU's long-running 'My Castle of Quiet' program and curator of . Lord Gravestench pays tribute to one of the most idiosyncratic American labels specializing in macabre sounds. Hear Black Metal, Hardcore, Noise and everything in between from KFJC's extensive collection of Prison Tatt releases, as well as material from KFJC's 2014 interview with Berger.

The Magnificent Voids of Steve Roach

Sunday Mayhem 20 7PM-10PM
Hosted by Kai Sync

A three-hour inner space headtrip with music by Steve Roach, the master of space-and-time altering atmospheric soundworlds. Channeled by Kai Sync.

Country Comedy Part 3

Monday Mayhem 21 10AM-2PM
Hosted by Sally Goodin

A Night and Day of the Sun

Monday Mayhem 21-Wednesday Mayhem 23 10PM Mon-2AM Wed
Hosted by Spliff Skankin' and others

A Night and Day of the Sun

Monday Mayhem 21-Wednesday Mayhem 23 10PM Mon-2AM Wed
Continues. Hosted by Spliff Skankin' and others

Welcome to the Black Lodge

Wednesday Mayhem 23 2PM-6PM
Hosted by Monotone Heroine

David Lynch works are known for their spookiness, thrill, darkness, and details. While wildly talented, Lynch truly shines at pairing music to secure the mood of a scene or even the theme music. Tune in to hear songs from a variety of Lynch's works.

Recording the Voiceless/ Ian Brennan

Thursday Mayhem 24 12PM-2PM
Hosted by Hemroid the Leader

Producer Ian Brennan travels the globe recording albinos, prisoners, survivors of genocide, poverty, and war. Join us as we dive deeper into the back catalogue.

Pink Floyd Variations

Thursday Mayhem 24 10PM-2AM
Hosted By Phineas Narco

KFJC alumnus Phineas Narco (of The National Cynical Network) returns for MAYhem to guide us through a late-night craftily-rendered 4-hour sonic odyssey of many, many obscure Pink Floyd remixes, mash-ups, versions, re-interpretations and covers. From bluegrass, to 8-bit, from polka and classical to experimental collage and beyond, this genre-bending psychedelic mixture of the familiar and the unfamiliar will astound your eardrums in this 'All Pink Floyd / No Pink Floyd' Special.

John Benson and Milk Drum

Friday Mayhem 25 2PM-6PM
Hosted by Grawer

Tune in and watch a plastic-plathered performance with John Benson and his milk-drum. What is milk-drum? What is Grawer?

Ai Records - A Retrospective

Friday Mayhem 25 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Goodwrench

Ai Records (stands for "Area Info") was a tasty British electronic label active from 2001-2011, mainly on the IDM tip. Goodwrench hosts a brief and bumpy ride through their catalog.


Saturday Mayhem 26 12PM-3PM
Hosted By Carson Street

Join me for rock and blues time with legendary brothers Johnny and Edgar Winter.

Johnny Winter (1944-2014) described as a "blues guitarist, known for his scorching riffs, flowing white hair and gravelly hard-times voice" was a versatile singer, songwriter and producer. His long career spanned the successful blues-rock albums and live performances of the 60s and 70s to his Grammy Award winning work as a producer for Muddy Waters and continued international touring until his death.

Younger brother Edgar also came blazing out of Beaumont, Texas and is best known for his musical successes in the 1970s with The Edgar Winter Group and White Trash. Adept since childhood on guitar, keyboard, saxophone and percussion, Edgar continues to write and perform rock, jazz, blues and pop music. He has also been involved in numerous film, television and advertising projects.

Oxen Castration

Saturday Mayhem 26 3PM-6PM
Hosted by Teachers AIDS

Based in Los Angeles, Oxen is a limited release label run by Matt Purse and Leah Purse specializing in harsh noise, noise and experimental genres released on cassette, CD and occasionally vinyl formats since 2014. We're going to play exlusive Oxen label material + Unsustainable Social Condition will perform a scathing live mic that will reset your consciousness to zero.

KFJC Icons: Jack Diamond and the House of Games

Saturday May 26 6PM-9PM
Hosted by Jack Tar and Lucky Jae

Revisit the sounds and styles that made a beloved part of KFJC and enjoy a groovy mix of lounge music, exotica, and space-age bachelor pad music.

The Best of the Best

Sunday Mayhem 27 7PM-10PM
Hosted by Droll

Releasing a Greatest Hits album is not very impressive. What is impressive is how many Greatest Hits albums an artist releases. Hear "The Best" music in the KFJC library as determined by the greatest number of Greatest Hits albums. KFJC has nearly 500 Greatest Hits compilations spanning all styles of music. Tune in to see which artist beats James Brown, Hank Williams, and Jerry Lee Lewis in the fight for the right be the called KFJC's Greatest Greatest Hits Artist. Please, No Wagering -- This is an exhibition, not a competition.

What is Grime?

Sunday Mayhem 27 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Kai Sync

A history and overview of one of the most innovative contemporary music genres that emerged in this century. We will also track current and future development of Grime including its sub-genres.

Uncle Sam and the Swastika

Monday Mayhem 28 10AM-7PM
Hosted by Dave Emory

Tribute to Spiderman Ken Hamilton

Tuesday Mayhem 29 10PM-2AM
Hosted By Ras Babo

was a DJ here at KFJC during the same time when I was first up and coming here. (1995)

He was only about 1 or two quarters ahead of me, so we were cohorts. During my first few years here, Ken and I formed a friendship and he introduced me to some very influential music for my life.

Ken's legacy lives on as many great titles here in the library bear the Spiderman tag on the review sticker. My goal is to play albums that were either added during his time as Music Director, reviewed by him, or generally bear his characteristic signature. Brief anecdotes about Ken may also be shared by various staff.

Day of Dub

Sunday Junehem 3 - Monday Junehem 4 12AM Sun-2AM Mon
Hosted By Ras Babo and friends

Originally expressed as the instrumental track on the B-side of Jamaican 7" singles, the "version" or Dub has taken on a life of its own. No longer in the shadow of the Vocal or A-side, producers and DJs have made the dub an art form unto itself. Tune in as we set off on a version excursion and play dubwise selection without objection.

RFK Assassination Memorial Show

Tuesday June 5 at 2PM-10PM
RFK Assassination Memorial Show
Hosted by Dave Emory

Dave Emory will observe the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy by presenting key information about the murder.

The program will document, among other things, that Sirhan Sirhan could NOT have fired the fatal shot that killed Senator Kennedy, that there was more than one shooter in the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel, that the LAPD officers in charge of the "investigation" had links to the CIA and that there are evidentiary pathways leading from RFK's murder in the direction of the assassination of his brother, Martin Luther King and the shooting of George Wallace.

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