Cy Thoth

Thursday 10 June 2010 1:55pm to 6:02pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Viosac   Track One Dawning Luminosity
Pummeler   Steel Locks of Dea Lsd Jungle Olympics
Flashback Repository   5 Flashback Repository
Ferraro, James   Sound From The Cam 1: Metal Cop In Acid, Body of The Undergr Kfc City 3099
Golden Jooklo Age & Peaking Lights   From The Deserts to The Sea Golden Jooklo Age & Peaking Lights
K11   300=Tau Metaphonic Portrait 1230 A.D.
Stackpole, Karen with Die Elektrischen   Effect of Oxidation Machine Shop
Xela/North Sea, The   Path B: The North Sea Electronic Music Vol. 1
[coll]: Carlton Melton/ Empty Shapes   Carlton Melton/ Empty Shapes
Sollubi   The White Witch At War With Decency
Monument of Urns   When The Wind Stopped Blowing Blaspheme
Trees   Hollow Freed of This Flesh
Thou Shalt Suffer   Painful Void of Time Into The Woods of Belial
In Disgust   Violence Demo 2006: San Jose Oldies Vol. 1
Noothgrush   Hatred For The Species Erode The Person
Sunn O)))   Death Becomes You Flight of the Behemoth
Doomed   Witches Doomed to Death and Damned In Hell
Napalm Death   Cheswick Green (Live) Boltthrower/Napalm Death
Thy Grief Eternal   Swathed In Black Pre Electric Wizard
Jucifer/Show of Bedlam   Jucifer: Hiroshima Jucifer/Show of Bedlam
thou   here I stand head in hand leech/thou
Moloch   Thy Grief Moloch
Boris   Huge Amplifier Worship
Mccann, Sean   Pass Away Open Resolve
Konkrete Kantikle   Iron Lung ??
Black Boned Angel   Creeping Barrage Verdun