Mad Michael P

Wednesday 22 November 1995 2:00pm to 6:00pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Null   Heaven's Breath Ultimate Material I I
African Identity   The Coup (Late Night Remix) Volu. 1900'S A.D.
Kingdom Scum   I'm Really Weird, Can't You Punk
Eyehategod   Serving Time in the Middle O [coll]: EYEHATEGOD/13
Scanner   1 Scanner
Obmana, Vidna   Equal Distance [coll]: Throne of Drones
Ascension   Dead: Untitled Piece... Live/Dead
16 Volt   Filthy Love of Fire Wisdom
Savage Vigilance for a Rug...   6 Savage Vigilance for a Rug...
Scorn   Dreamspace (Coil Shadow V... Ellipsis
Mentallo & the Fixer   Brutal Rapture [coll]: Cyberflesh Conspiracy
God   Gold Teeth Appeal to Human Greed
Artefakto   Omniplato [coll]: Below San Onofre
Operation Mind Control   Status Funkturm
Skinny Puppy   Two Time Grime Rabies
Biegg Cittie Arkestraugh   Karawane [coll]: Arbitrary Nature Of...
Revolting Cocks   Creep Linger Ficken' Good
Dj Krush   Dig this Vibe (Dj Krust + Ro Yeah/Dig this Vibe
Miranda Sex Garden   Iris Iris
Yabba Dabba Doo   To Be Entered By Syringe... [coll]: Decompositions...
Phlegm   Merrylands Dandruff... Mr. Hoo-Ha Visits the Nonstop.
Autopsia   Bienheureux Ceux Qui Sont Mo Humanity Is the Devil 1604-199
Gyuto Monks, the   Guhyasamaja Tantra, Ch. I I Tibetan Tantric Choir
Kill, Switch... Klick   Celebrate the Misery Beat It to Fit, Paint It To...
Non   Credo Might!
Lightwave   Cabinet De Curiosites Mindus Subterraneus
Laibach   Regime of Coincidence, State Kapital