Wednesday 25 June 1997 10:00pm to 2:00am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Jimmie Walker   Abbadabba Honeymoon [coll]: Spazz/Jimmie Walker
Systral   Past Mistakes Maximum Entertainment
Phobia   Jesus Slaves Enslaved
Dead Bodies Everywhere   Sidetrack [coll]: Noothgrush/Dbe
Ire   Dead Amongst the Dead ______________________________
Boris   Soul Search You Sleep S W Barebones
Toadliquor   Interstellar Space
Melvins   Charmicarmicat Eggnog
Virulence   Kindergarten If this Isnt a Drea,
Iabhorher   Hoofed Locusts [coll]: Cry Now, Cry Later
Human Remains   Waste of Time Using Sickness
Cattlepress   Celebration of Wounds (Gr... [coll]: Cry Now, Cry Later
Gob   Soft Bodied [coll]: Gob/Martindale, Wink
Asshole Parade   Death Threat Bury You
Dropdead   Swedish Medley Discography
Enemy Soil   The Burden of a Vacant Cross [coll]: Grind in the Mind
Man Is the Bastard   Moloch Thoughtless
Enewetak   Wicker Guns. Elvis Loved Them
Sake   The Death of Common Sense 10"
Seized   Flee From Reality S W Ire
Discordance Axis   Jouhou
Black Army Jacket   Pretenders to the Throne S W Noothgrush
Suppression   Infect S W Crip Bas
Jenny Piccolo   Preschool Imformation Battle to Denounce
Envy   The Self Crusaders S W Endeavor
Sink   Sick S W Hellnation
Barricade   Shuchounakimonowa Abolition
Corrupted   Hay Que Jaderse 10"
Slight Slappers   Brains Different A Tradition Of...
Multiplex   Non Fiction Quest for the Clearnes
Hellchild   For the Vanishing Circulating Contradios
Gore Beyond Necropsy   No Fate 3
Toxic Noise   Asinine Power F N T
Infest   Pliers
His Hero Is Gone   Skin Feast Complacency
Cathy Ames   Society S W Godstomer
Inhumanity   New Discarded Evidence History Behind the Myy
Assuck   Wartorn Misery Index
Nation of Hate   Marrow S W Bastard Noise
Subversion   F*Ing Progress S W Spazz
Unit 11:74   Mind Open Mouth Shut
Spazz   Ahm Solo S W B a J
Damad   Rewind Bacteria Sour
A B C Diablo   Grey Devours Give Rise to Doubts
Nerve Rak   Unholy Sanctuary of Woman An [coll]: Painkiller
Merzbow   Enter Track By Hand Akasha Gulva
Miss Murgatroid   Time Theory 11:11 Through Alien Empires
Negativland   Taste in Mind Truth in Advertising
Amps for Christ   Whistletron Thorny Path
Menche, Daniel   13 Wolves in My Bed Screaming Cares
Machine Gun Tv, the   Time Touch
Uz Jsme Doma   Tgooseberry Unloved World