Thursday 23 October 1997 7:00pm to 2:00am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Eyehategod   Pigs In the Name
Grief   Coma Dismal
Ansojuan   1 [coll]: Ansojuan/Assholeparade
Eisenvater   Erektion S/T
Neuthrone   As the Grey Skies Open ______________________________
Cattlepress   Silence Showered in the Love
Scalplock   This Town Hell
Disembowelment   Cerulean Transcience... Trancendence Into The...
Cattle Decapitation   Projectile Pig Vomit ______________________________
Unholy Grave  
E T   Respecy S[Lit W Agathoclses
Thirteen   Bound ______________________________
Sake   Oni Split W Submission Hod
Shedwellaz   Necronomicon [coll]: Autopsy Mayhem H.S.#1
Stellamara   Maris Star of the Sea
0CAVITY   Wounded Split W Bongzilla
Despise You   Rage of the Helpless Possessed to Skate
Pay Neuter   What Right 12"
Damad   Manmade 7"
Charles Bronson   Brutality and Bloodshed for Al 7"
Detestation   The Inhuman Condition 7"
Menche, Daniel   Vulgar Vulgar Scratch Recordings, the
Stack   Konstante Relativat Split W Carol
Society of Jesus   Boia Facista Dei Miracoli
Excreted Alive   Alternative Borregos
Preparation H   No Podemos Ganar Split W John Bender
Hellnation   Split W Ral Reggare
Pauindriver   Triumph 7"
New Testament   The First Stone]
Swallowing Shit  
Haters   Unlisted Number Hello Hater
Bastard Noise   Hanford Test Facility Krachgau Split 7"
Hellchild   Live @ K F J C 10/23/97
Family, the   Get on Home Family Jams
Walking Timebombs   Swarm Walking Timebombs
Ground Zero   Consume Red Consume Red
Expose Your Eyes V. Prick De..   11 [coll]: W N F
Godflesh   Like Rats Streetcleaner
Word Salad   Blister Blight Specimen
Jesuit   Servitude 101 ______________________________
Corrupted   Live @ K F J C 10/23/97
Wellington   Feeling Sorry for One's Self Thank You Jesus
Assfort   1 "
Dawning   Live Mic on Kfjc