Saturday 11 September 1999 2:00am to 6:00am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Mortitian   Driller Killer House By the Cemetery
Mayhem   Freezing Moon Mediolanum Capta Est
Aura Noir   Released Damnation Deep Tracts of Hell
Morbid Angel   Rapture Covenant
Noothgrush   A People Defeated Will Neved [coll]: Wellington / Noothg...
Iron Monkey   Sleep to Win
Cavity   No Deeper than Dredge Boats Fuck Diablo
Hatewave   Slit the Catholic Throat S/T
Exhorder   The Law Law, the
Testament   Perilous Nation Practice What You Preach
Sepultura   Dead Embryonic Cells Arise
Voivod   Phobos Phobos
Bongzilla   Gestation Stash
Spaceboy   Planet of Pot Getting Warm on the Trail of H
Exodus   Fabulous Disaster Good Friendly Violent Fun
Vision of Disorder   Landslide Imprint
Morgion   Descent to Arawn Solinari
Plastikman   Consumed Consumed
Crash Worship   Awake Alarma
Savage Aural Hotbed   Musclewire Pressure of Silence
Entombed   Living Dead Clandestine
Morgoth   Pits of Utumno Eternal Fall/Resurrection, the
Moment Maniacs   My Loss 2 Fuckin Pieces
Vader   Blood of Kingu De Profundis
Bobby Slayton   Porn Raging Bully
Zeni Geva   Nai-Ha Nai Ha!/Superunit
Earth Crisis   Unseen Holocaust Oath that Keeps Me Free, the
Helmet   Ironhead Meantime
Public Enemy   Do U Wanna Go Our Way???? There's a Poison Goin On....
13   Whore [coll]: EYEHATEGOD/13
Hallucinator   Sethos Red Angel
Emperor   Loss & Curse of Reverence [coll]: God's of Darkness
Fear Factory   Leechmaster Soul of a New Machine
Muslimgauze   Fakir Zul'm
Sokol   Mean Mean Clown
Devil Dub Band   Vampire Slight Return Devil Dub
Women of Sodom   Manwich Boots
Therapy?   Skinning Pit Caucasian Psychosis
Dead Moon   Down to the Dogs Destination X
Hated, the   Fortunate One What Was Behind
Ramones   Time Has Come Today Subterranean Jungle