M.C. Christ

Thursday 2 December 1999 2:00am to 7:00am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Lunch, Lydia   Suicide Ocean 13.13
James Macmillan   The Worlds Ransoming
Giancarlo Toniutti   Ethmos-Crivello Epigenisi
Nptolpqsivrt   Le Minus De L'interieur Malaise
Thierry De Mey   Frisking Undo
Leon, Eugenia/Cuarteto Latinam   Tierra De Mis Amores La Suave Patria
Peter Brotzmann   Death in Lover's Lane No Nothing
Soliman Gamil   Sufi Dialogue Egyptian Music
Jean Luc-Fafchamps   R.M.Rilke Poem Attrition
Jean Luc-Fafchamps   Points-Meandres-Rouages-Circut Attrition
Henry Dixon Cowell   Ensemble Music for Strings
Rabih Abou-Khalil   Kibbe Bukra
Christoph Rutimann   Swallowed Cactus Crackling
Paul Dunmall   Human Atmospheres Soliloquy
Ayers, Nigel/Everall/Harris, M   Part 6 Mesmeric Enabling Device
Sorensen, Gert   Alarm A Drummer's Tale: Episode Two
Company 91   4 Vol 1
Boyle, Jeremy   Sabbath Songs From the Guitar Solos
James Tenney   Analog #1 Selected WORKS61-69
Parker/Guy/Lytton   Distinction Imaginary Values
Hans Reichel/Tom Cora   New Neighbors Angel Carver
Sharp, Elliott - Tectonics   Kargyraa Errata
Dj Scud   Jungle Warrior ______________________________
Le Tigre   Phanta S/T
A-Track   Live at Tableturns "Enter Ralph Wiggum"
Dub Funk Association, the   Dub in the Arena Sounds of the Heavyweight
El Captain Funkaho   Bootay My 2600
T-Cisco   Matt's Blues Destructive Edit, the
Southall Riot   Warp in My Dreams [coll]: Southall Riot/George
Third Sex, the   Second Place Back to Go
Make-Up   White Belts Save Yourself
Speed Crazy   Love Me Unsafe at Any Speed
Amps for Christ   Eucalliptus Prayer Electrosphere
Gaji   Fitful Baits Focus Fluid Daub
Lolita NO.18   Wart Hog Yalitamin
Boredoms   Jb Dick + Tin Turner Pussy.. Soul Discharge
Hell, Richard   The Kid with The... Destiny Street
Big Black   Fists of Love
Revolting Cocks   T.V. Mind Big Sexy Land
Killdozer   Nasty Lupus
High Rise   Cotton Top High Rise 2
Ass Baboons of Venus   Naked Lady Wrestler/Wait a Min Kfjc Live
Dog Faced Hermans   Suppressa Mental Blocks for All Ages
Childish, Billy   Cowboys Are Square Crimes Against Music
Green on Red   Aspirin Green on Red
Mountain Goats, the   Going to Bangor Bitter Melon Farm
Television   Marquee Moon Marquee Moon
Brother JT3   Floating Way to Go
Trans Am   Firepoker S/T