Monday 3 July 2000 10:00pm to 6:00am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Repulsion   Helga (Lost Her Head) Excruciation
Mayhem   Fall of Seraphs Mediolanum Capta Est
Tho Ko Losi   The Laughing Christ Not a Total War...Yet
Brother Russell   Noisy Neighbors Radio Jihad
Eyehategod   Take As Needed for Pain Take As Needed for Pain
Mortician   Island of the Dead Chainsaw Dismemberment
Noothgrush   Encasing [coll]: Reality Part 2
Cattlepress   And the Sea Gave Us Its Dead Hordes to Abolish the Divine
Bolt Thrower   Return From Chaos Mercenary
Gorgoroth   Litani Til Satan Incipit Satan
Null   Ultimate Material I I Ultimate Material I I
Scorn   Dreamspace Evanescence
Chomsky, Noam   The Old New World Order Case Studies in Hypocrisy
Devil Dub Band   Ancient Chinese Secret in Du Devil Dub
Dj Spooky Vs. Freight Elevator   File Under Futurism (Ambient Futurism Ep
Automaton   Beta One [coll]: Axiom Dub
Dub Syndicate   Sound Clash Mellow & Colly
Augustus,Pablo   Pipers of Zion Rising Sun
Live Human   One for D. Monostereosis
Baron, Joey   Broken Time Killer Joey
Smith, Patti   Lo and Beholden Gung Ho
Don Caballero   Room Temperature Lounge Trey Dog's Acid
Acrid   Synaptic Overload Eighty-Sixed
Black Army Jacket   Genma Path of 2 Swords As One, the
Sleep   Catatonic Volume One
Grief   Bored [coll]: GRIEF/16
Skullflower   Birthdeath (Remix) Ruins
Chrome   Monkey Shines/See Ya Third Seed From the Bud
Mainliner   Tsukisasaru Mainliner Sonic
Allen, Tony   No Accomodation for Lagos No Accomodation for Lagos
Nashville Pussy   Blowjob From a Rattlesnake High As Hell
Biafra, Jello   If Voting Changed Anything I Blow Minds for a Living
Archon Satani   5 Mind of Flesh and Bones
Moebius, D.   Im Raum Blotch
Biafra, Jello   Eric Meets the Moose Diarhea Beyond the Valley of The...
Public Enemy   Do U Wanna Go Our Way???? There's a Poison Goin On....
Mermen, the   And the Flowers They'll B... A Glorious Lethal Euphoria
Front Line Assembly   Digital Tension Dementia Digital Tension Dementia
Carcass   Lavaging Expectorate of Lys Necroticism - Descanting the I
Spazz/Jimmie Walker   Abbadbba Honeymoon ______________________________