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Dr Brother Goat Cult

Sunday 23 July 2000 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Motoharu, Yoshizawa/Mototeru,   4 Unites Duo/Deep Sea
Bundy, Alex   Pipes Selections June 2000
Rune   Call of Hearts Self Titled
Romus, Rent Life's Blood Trio   Out to Lunch Blood Motions
Greif, Randy   An Atom of Meaning Alice in Wonderland Part 5
Ferial Confine   5 Full Use of Nothing, the
Lightning Bolt   Behemoth Conan
Smooth Quality Excrement   Trak 2:9:41 Bird and Truck Collision
Skullflower   Evel Knievel Evel Knievel
Mayhem   A Time to Die Grand Declaration of War
Splotch   Fur Two Million Fuckheads
Sikhara   In the Circle Without Limbs
Twilight Circus Dub Sound Sys   K2OOO Dub Voyage
Smith, Jean   Mobilized By Lonliness S/T
Sub Oslo   Celestial Dub Dubs in the Key of Life
Jet Black Crayon   Life Vest Low Frequency Speaker Test
Anderson, Bruce (And Friends!)   Blood Brutality I I : Balkana
Elmer Barton   Bummer's Reel American Fiddle Tunes
Mog   Iron Fist ______________________________
Zyklon-B   3 Mental Orgasm...Remixes
Sanctum   Madelene Answer to His Riddle (Ep), the
Exhumed/No Comply   ! Instruments of Hell...
Hooker, William/ Marclay/ Ran.   Part 1 Bouquet
Lustmord   The Fourth and Final Key Monstrous Soul, the
Sun City Girls   Cameo Demons and Their Carnival Folklore Resurrection
King Tubbys Meets Larry Marsha   Locks of Dub I Admire You in Dub
Marclay, Christian   Manipulated Records Record Without a Cover
Kubin, Felix   Termiten Jane B. Ertrinkt Mit Den Pferd
Acid Mothers Temple &Melting..   Sweet Juicy Lucy Ivan Piskov's Wild Gals a Gogo
Kaminumada Yohji   -Kurenai - Crimson Dreams Katana
Eed   The More Embracing Field Morphic Resonance
Accelera Deck   Equidistant Conviction & Crack