Craig Bentley

Wednesday 28 May 2008 2:05am to 6:09am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Uzi Suicide   Krokop's High Kick Comin' At Cha
Acursed   1 Tunneln I Ljusets Slut
Authorities, the   Your Life Puppy Love
Hypocrisy   A Coming Race Final Chapter, the
Heatscores, the   Shot Fulla Holes Light 'em Up
Abortti 13 / Pyhakoulu   Pyhakoulu - Yhteiskunnan Toivot Lapsuusmuistoja
Shit & Shine   Friends Forever You Listen to Me I Listen to You Cigarette Sequence
Heimnar   Laugh of The Torturers Cursed and Truncated
Fungus Brains   Pasty Faces Ron Pistos Real World
Regurgitate   Intro; the Act of Regurgitat Effortless Regurgitation...
Keith Hudson   Darkness Dub Joint, The
Xbxrx   Infancy of Millions, Pt. 1 Sounds
Totalitar   Sista Kriget (Svart Parad) S/T
Ape Has Killed Ape   Stereo Bongos Acid Reflux
Atomic Bomb Audition, The   The Creationist Eleven Theatres
Cannibal Corpse   The Wretched Spawn Wretched Spawn, the
Torske, Bjorn   Kapteinens Skjegg Feil Knapp
Guinea Worms   I'm a Cobweb Box of Records
Fumes   Life of Lies Knock Out the Axis
Butthole Surfers   Neee Neee Butthole Surfers
Grouch, The   Show You The World Ft. Raphael Saadiq Show You The World
Bug Guts   Magic Garbage Ride Great Spangled Fritillary
Panthers   A Panther Is a Motherfucker Are You Down?
P.A.L   Stereoweb Play at 2:00 Am
Meat Beat Manifesto   I Hold The Mic! Autoimmune
Conquest For Death   Beyond The Hidden Valley of The of The V-8 Interceptors S/T
Panacea   Demolition Desaster Chill Out
Crappy Nightmareville   Nautilus Shadow Garden
Deep Wound   In My Room Deep Wound
Gloryholes, the   13 Bad Pick Up Lines Knock You Up
Burroughs, William   Naked Lunch Excerpts Dead City Radio
Husker Du   All Tensed Up Land Speed Record
Mochipet   Ride On (feat. Mike Boo & Raashan Ahmad From Crown City Roc Microphonepet
Expando Brain   Happy Part Mother of God, It's Expando...
Circle Jerks   Karma Stew Wonderful
Frustration   Shake Me Relax
Grim Klone Band   At the Hot Club Blank Space
Bloodysnowman   Laughing Bloody Buddies
Accused, the   Lettin' Go Splatter Rock
Bags, the   Flying Low Rock Starve
Axemen, the   Something 3 Virgins
Genocide Organ   Dogday - Esterhofen Germany 1995 Remember
Cave, Nick & Shane Macgowan   What a Wonderful World What a Wonderful World
Fear   I Believe I'll Have Another Have Another Beer with Fear
Buda, Luke   Werewolf, The Hills Have Ears, The
Crush The Junta   Disappeared, The
Humpers   Don't Wanna Be Your Pal Live Forever or Die Trying
Scurvy Dogs   Cog People S/T
Biafra, Jello   Die For Oil, Sucker (T.W.O.T. Addition) In The Grip of Official Reason
Gogol Bordello   Baro Foro Multi-Kontra-Culti Vs Irony
Slackers, the   Soldier Redlight
U.S. Bombs   Deadly Kiss Garibaldi Guard
Damned, the   Thrill Kill Grave Disorder
Devotchka   Such a Lovely Thing How It Ends
Let's Go Bowling   Take a Walk Music to Bowl By