Cy Thoth

Thursday 22 October 2009 2:08pm to 6:01pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Heasley, Tom   Sweet Basilisk Live From The Devil's Triangle V. 10
Burzum   Gebrechlichkeit I Filosofem
Burial Hex   Will to The Chapel Burial Hex
Astro   Incubation Astral Orange Sunshine
Horseback   Tyrant Symmetry Invisible Mountain, The
Ufomammut   Mammut Godlike Snake
Baikal   I Forgot Baikal
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer/ Dried Up Corpse   Blue Sabbath Black Cheer Untitled St Split
Endless Blockade, The   Abraxas Endless Blockade, The / Hatred Surge
Potop   II Channels
Stormcrow   Baleful Conception Live From The Devil's Triangle V. 12
Coffins   Buried Death Live From The Devil's Triangle V. 12
Grief   Earthworm Come to Grief
Burmese / Cadaver Eyes   Execution Prodedure #three Burmese / Cadaver Eyes
Carcass   Crepitating Bowel Erosion Carcass Demos Lp 86/87
Blood of The Black Owl   Void a Feral Spirit
Thorr's Hammer   Mellom Galgene (Live) Dommedagsnatt
Vat of Fat/ ...as The Tide Consumes   Side 2: ...As The Tide Consumes "22:12: 2012" Grimm Truth, The
Hey Colossus   Kittens Hey Colossus - Kittens / Dot (.) - Black Acid
Fripp & Eno   The Heavenly Music Corporation (half Speed) No Pussyfooting
Ocean   Salt Here Where Nothing Grows