Cy Thoth

Thursday 29 October 2009 1:57pm to 6:04pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Windy and Carl   Live At The Stork Club, 4/21/98 KFJC 50th Anniversary Double 12"
Crowley. Aleister   The Poet Voice of The Great Beast
Bjerga, Sindre & Robert Horton   Accidental Northern Loop Can't Go Fast Enough to Get There Early
Astro   Incubation Astral Orange Sunshine
Konkrete Kantikle   Iron Lung ??
Journey to Ixtlan   Pueblo St
korperschwache   Lamentation For a Martyr With a Head Full of Shrapnel Dead Flowers and a Handful of Plague
Blood Fountains   Spiritless Floods
Preston, Joe and Menche, Daniel   Cerberic Doxology Cerberic Doxology
Quttinirpaaq   Tonight We Will Pretend We Are Human Beings Bong/Quttinirpaaq - S/T Split
Marduk   Accuse/opposer Rom 5:12
Sasqrotch   Menstrual Cyclone Goliath Bird Eater/ Sasqrotch
Potop   S.S. Eksplozija Channels
indian   the unquiet sky
Cambodia   Weight of Ages Weight of Ages
Sleep   Jerusalem Jerusalem
Dukatalon   Zx Saved By Fear
Planet Aids   Apocalyptik Aids Apocalyptik Aids
Earth   Seven Angels Earth 2