Monday 21 December 2009 1:58am to 6:59am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Thomas Fehlman   Schone Grusse Kompakt Total 6
Skallander   Flesh Born Constellation Skallander
Aarktica   Hollow Earth Theory In Sea
Allien, Ellen & Apparat   Sleepless Orchestra of Bubbles
Pixel   28 degrees 35 42.88 -80 degrees Drive, The
Cave   Encino Men Psycho Psummer
Seven Lies About Girls   R901A Tails Are Gone..., the
Dj Me Dj You   Soul Transportation Dimension Mix
Dettinger   Intershop Jonas Bering Mix (2) Kompakt 100
Null, Kk   Flying Serpent Flying Serpent/ Leviathan
Sigur Ros   Svefn-G-Englar Agaetis Byrjun
Sigur Ros   Staralfur Agaetis Byrjun
Isan   Yttrium Plans Drawn In Pencil
Harris, Mick   Sleepless Radical Simple Practice
Mir   Jimbo Mir
White Stains   Underground Initiation This Infernal Love of Life
Pixel   53 degrees 47 33.66 -99 degrees Drive, The
Cave   Made In Malaysia Psycho Psummer
Allien, Ellen & Apparat   Bubbles Orchestra of Bubbles
Money Mark   Spiders Dimension Mix
Hoke, Russell   Angelic Choir Magic of My Youth, The
Weinland   I Feel Wasted Breaks In The Sun
Sigur Ros   Avalon Agaetis Byrjun
Aarktica   Hollow Earth Theory In Sea
Skallander   Dismemberment Skallander
Seven Lies About Girls   R901A Tails Are Gone..., the
Vile, Kurt   He's Alright Childish Prodigy
Vulva   Omnec Onec Synoptics
Eld-Omala   The Halidom/Oh My God This Infernal Love of Life
Isan   Working In Dust Plans Drawn In Pencil
Allien, Ellen & Apparat   Leave Me Alone Orchestra of Bubbles
Morley, David   Wall Ghosts
Naked Future, The   We Engage The Monstrous With Our Mirrors Gigantomachia
Sikhara   Anduni Live In The United States 2007-2008
Vlor   Tolerate The Wicked Six-Winged