Cy Thoth

Thursday 28 January 2010 1:58pm to 5:59pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Turman,Robert / Dilloway,Aaron   Untitled Blizzard
Illusori   Reverie Illusorireverie
Lexie Mountain   If You So Choose Lichens / Lexie Mountain
Morley, Michael / My Cat Is an Alien / Ponzini, Ramona / Ran   Live At Sensational Fix Live At Sensational Fix
Painting Petals On Planet Ghost   Honoo No Ko Fallen Camellias
El-g   L'homme a La Therapie Tout Ploie LP
Havohej   Tungkat Blood Wand Tungkat Blood Wand
Black to Comm   Jonathan Alphabet 1968
Bassett, Marcia/Giffoni, Carlos   Organized Anatomy
Vertonen   Invocation We Had a Few Sprinkles
Suishou No Fune   The World In The Mirror Golden Labyrinth, The
Hash Jar Tempo   Well Oiled Pt. 6 Well Oiled
Majutsu No Niwa   La Vena Frontera
Northern Alliance   Death of Nations Underground Chaos
Shrinebuilder   Pyramid of The Moon Shrinebuilder
Megasus   Red Lottery Megasus
Roanoke   Stormbringer Stormbringer
Stormcrow   a New Black Death Laudanum/Stormcrow
Unearthly Trance   Axis Is Shifting, The
Sunn O and Pan Sonic   Che Sunno and Pan Sonic / Vega, Alan/ Burroughs, Stephen
Eyehategod   I Am The Gestapo Preaching The "end-time" Message
Grief/13   Grief: Falling Apart Grief/13
Pig Heart Transplant   Your Heaven Hope You Enjoy Heaven
Dusted Angel   Valium 5 Dusted Angel 7 "
Laudanum   Wooden Horse Coronation, The
Burning Witch   Tower Place Crippled Lucifer
Galas, Diamanda   The Litanies of Satan Litanies of Satan, the
Potop   Untitled - 1 Burmese / Potop