Cy Thoth

Thursday 4 February 2010 1:56pm to 6:21pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Nadja   Bug/Golem Truth Becomes Death
Black to Comm   Houdini Rites Alphabet 1968
Tunnel Canary   Jihad (1980) Jihad
Fermentae   Diaspora Diaspora
Painting Petals On Planet Ghost   Honoo No Ko Fallen Camellias
Khanate   No Joy [Remix] No Joy [Remix] B/W Dead
Havohej   Tungkat Blood Wand Tungkat Blood Wand
Burzum   Gebrechlichkeit I Filosofem
Iugula-Thor   I.N.R.I. (Iuglans Necro R... Wheel of the Process, the
Slogun   Always Numb Sickness / Slogun
Bardo Pond   Off the Precipice Slab
Ufomammut   Mammut Godlike Snake
Majutsu No Niwa   La Vena Frontera
Esoteric   Morphia Subconscious Dissolution Into
tolteca extra   tolteca extra live mic
Northern Alliance   Death of Nations Underground Chaos
Saviours   Livin' In The Void Accelerated Living
Burning Witch   Stillborn Crippled Lucifer
Sunn O and Pan Sonic   Che Sunno and Pan Sonic / Vega, Alan/ Burroughs, Stephen
Grief   Falling Apart Grief/13
Eyehategod   International Narcotic Preaching The "end-time" Message
Nomos   Operation Cyclone Demo
Pig Heart Transplant   Your Heaven Hope You Enjoy Heaven
Human Quena Orchestra, The   Fascist Haircut Means Without Ends
Planet Aids   Apocalyptik Aids Apocalyptik Aids
Crowley. Aleister   The Poet Voice of The Great Beast