Cy Thoth

Thursday 18 February 2010 1:52pm to 6:25pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Loseling Dratsang of Drepung..   Ngontog Gyan Tibet: Heart of The...
Baker,Aidan/Thisquietarmy   Imagistic Continuity Picture of a Picture
Oxbow   Saturn Xiu Xiu Remixed & Covered
Bianchi, Mauricio   The Inflammatory Sesor Ynohpmys
Dialing In   Ishpata Baba Islamic Bomb, The
Oneida   Ghost In The Room Rated O
Skullflower   Shivering Aurora Strange Keys to Untune Gods' Firmament
Majutsu No Niwa   La Vena Frontera
Pig Heart Transplant   Your Heaven Hope You Enjoy Heaven
Saviours   Livin' In The Void Accelerated Living
Grief   Falling Apart Grief/13
Eyehategod   Age of Bootcamp Preaching The "end-time" Message
Hummingbird of Death   Panocide Show Us The Meaning of Haste
Thorr's Hammer   Mellom Galgene (Live) Dommedagsnatt
Disembowelment   A Burial at Ornans Transcendence Into The Peripheral/Dusk
Black Cobra   Interceptor Black Cobra
Revenge   Blood Annihilation Victory.Intolerance.Mastery
Katharsis   Eden Below World Without End
Cannabis Corpse   Blunted At Birth Blunted At Birth
Stormcrow   New Messiah Enslaved In Darkness
Electric Wizard   The House On The Borderland Electric Wizard / Reverend Bizarre
Zenocide   Room What Pleasing The Lord Looks-like Marriage
Burning Witch   Sea Hag Crippled Lucifer
Melvins / Lustmord   Pigs of the Roman Empire Pigs of the Roman Empire