Cy Thoth

Thursday 8 April 2010 1:56pm to 6:02pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Baker,Aidan/Thisquietarmy   Negative Space Picture of a Picture
Bianchi, Mauricio   Ortni Ynohpmys
Burroughs, William S.   Excerpt From Ah Pook Is Here Doctor Is On The Market, The
Pocahaunted   Veil Passage
Megaton Leviathan   Untitled 2010
Nilsen, B. J.   Front Short Night, The
Phillips, Dave   Untitled "?"
Telecult Powers   Kissed By a Gygaxian Prism Kiss The Viper's Fang
Expo 70   Heterotopia Expo 70 / I Am Seamonster
Oneida   End of Time Rated O
Plastic Crimewave Sound   Painted Shadows Painted Shadows
Saint Vitus   Angry Man V
Sunn O)))   The Gates of Ballard White 1
Asunder   Crown of Eyes A Clarion Call
Black Cobra   Lightning In His Hand Chronomega
Celtic Frost   Synagoga Satanae Monothiest
Cretaceous   Terror-dactyl Cretaceous
Condemned to Live   Can't Rape The Dead Nuke First..Ask Questions Later
Zombie Ritual/ Spring Break!   Zombie Ritual:"Genocide On Zombies" Zombie Ritual/ Spring Break!
Revenge   All Untitled Revenge
Bird   Gravity of Self Defense Bird
Zenocide   Room What Pleasing The Lord Looks-like Marriage
Buried At Sea   Untitled Buried At Sea
Melvins   Dies Iraea (long Version) Sludge Glamorous
Ardent Vein   Stalking-hunting Stress and Emotion Ardent Vein