Cy Thoth

Thursday 22 April 2010 1:56pm to 6:03pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Ningavan, Lauritz (1894-1980)   Duel-Song Inuit: 55 Historical..
Mutumbajoy, Santiago   5:14 Yage Pinta!: Psychedelic Shaman Songs of Santiago Mutumbajoy
O'Rourke, Jim   Long Night Part 2 Long Night
Quttinirpaaq   Tonight We Will Pretend We Are Human Beings Bong/Quttinirpaaq - S/T Split
Maleficia   Making Maleficia
Barn Owl   Into The Red Horizon Conjurer, The
Phillips, Dave   Untitled "?"
Bong   II Gilgamesh Lives
Hey Colossus and The Van Halen Time Capsule   The Question Eurogrumble Vol 1
Om   Thebes God Is Good
Marblebog   Uttalan Utakon Marblebog/Vorkuta
Condemned to Live   Night Kills/Unholy Father Nuke First..Ask Questions Later
Neurosis   Water Is Not Enough Given to The Rising
High on Fire   Blessed Black Wings Blessed Black Wings
Corrupted   Inactive Corrupted/Noothgrush
Bird   Gravity of Self Defense Bird
Ludicra   Faith Won't Set You Free Tenant,The
Cretaceous   Tsunami of Blood Cretaceous
Venom   Live Like an Angel, Die Like a Devil Seven Gates of Hell: The Singles, The
Laudanum   Invoke Coronation, The
Revenge   All Untitled Revenge
In Disgust   Violence Demo 2006: San Jose Oldies Vol. 1
Grief   Earthworm Come to Grief
Planet Aids   Apocalyptik Aids Apocalyptik Aids