Cy Thoth

Thursday 3 June 2010 1:54pm to 6:02pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Viosac   Track One Dawning Luminosity
Squim   Mist Cave No Blade of Grass
Sartre, Jean Paul   Side a No Exit
Xela/North Sea, The   Path B: The North Sea Electronic Music Vol. 1
Flashback Repository   1 Flashback Repository
Stackpole, Karen with Die Elektrischen   Effect of Oxidation Machine Shop
Mccann, Sean   Scapula Open Resolve
K11   300=Tau Metaphonic Portrait 1230 A.D.
[coll]: Carlton Melton/ Empty Shapes   Carlton Melton/ Empty Shapes
Sollubi   At War With Decency At War With Decency
Ic Rex   Kasbotutsen Absolututin Kansa Sielun Kadotuksen Sinfonia
Ludicra   Faith Won't Set You Free Tenant,The
thou   here I stand head in hand leech/thou
Moloch   Thy Grief Moloch
Thy Grief Eternal   On Blackened Wings/outro Pre Electric Wizard
In Disgust   Violence Demo 2006: San Jose Oldies Vol. 1
Thou Shalt Suffer   Painful Void of Time Into The Woods of Belial
Kerasphorus   The Abyssal Sanhedrin Cloven Hooves At The Holocaust Dawn
Jucifer/Show of Bedlam   Jucifer: Hiroshima Jucifer/Show of Bedlam
Napalm Death   Private-Death Boltthrower/Napalm Death
Laudanum   Omega Laudanum/Stormcrow
Trees   Nothing Trees
Crowley. Aleister   The Call of The First Aethyr(Enochian) Voice of The Great Beast
Monument of Urns   Blaspheme Blaspheme