Cy Thoth

Thursday 15 July 2010 1:52pm to 6:02pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Bianchi, Mauricio   Ortni Ynohpmys
Lopez, Francisco   Disc 2: Untitled Sonic Microorganisms Francisco Lopez's Absolute Noise Ensemble
Astral Social Club   Neon Pibroch Neon Pibroch
Shallow Waters   Brought With Blood Equal Eyes
Squim   Mist Cave No Blade of Grass
Gultskra Artikler   Galaktika Galaktika
leigh,heather   jailhouse rock
Slogun   Always Numb Sickness / Slogun
Carlton Melton   Call and Response Carlton Melton/ Empty Shapes
Expo 70   Untitled 1 Vanishing World Within, The
saturnalia temple   on the powers of the shinx
Gog   Heavy Fierce Brightness Heavy Fierce Brightness
Dukatalon   Zx Saved By Fear
Atavist   Untitled Stranglers, The
Trees   Hollow Freed of This Flesh
Thou   Prometheus Summit
trayjen   trayjen/nefarion
Profanatica   Once Removed Savior Enemy of Virtue, The
Acephalix   Aporia Aporia
Jucifer/Show of Bedlam   Jucifer: Hiroshima Jucifer/Show of Bedlam
Disembowelment   A Burial at Ornans Transcendence Into The Peripheral/Dusk
Thorr's Hammer   Rorge Dommedagsnatt
Earth   Seven Angels Earth 2
Bulgarian Orthodox Ensemble   No 1 Byzantine Chants