Number 6

Saturday 4 June 2011 6:07pm to 12:03am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
NWN!   Nuclear War Now! Productions
Order From Chaos   The Edge of Forever Stillbirth Machine
Mystifier   Cursed Excruciation Goetia
Demoncy   Hymn To the Ancients Joined In Darkness
Kat   Metal and Hell 666
Blasphemy   Victory (Son of the Damned) Die hard rehearsal August 29th 2001
Ildjarn   The Troll Dome Hardangervidda pt 2
Wrathprayer   untitled
Pest   Es Lebe Der Tod Pest ep
Pest   Am Ende Des Weges Pest ep
Pest   Pest Pest ep
Resuscitator   Father of Obscurity Initiation
Blasfemia   Postmortem Rodrigo O. No Futuro Temas Originales De La Pelicula Medelli
Terrorama   Hibernation Horrid Efface
Witches Hammer   Thulsa Doom/Legions of the Undead/Rise Above Stretching Into Infinity
Kat   Ostatni Tabor Noce Szatana/Ostatni Tabor
Metalucifer   Heavy Metalucifer Heavy Metal Bulldozer
Arghoslent   Incorrigible Bigotry Incorrigible Bigotry
Grotesque   Spawn of Azathoth Projections of a Stained Mind
Mefisto   Missing In Action The Truth
Paintings For Animals   Lesith Kristeater
Archgoat   Intro (Invocation) Angelcunt (Tales of Desecration)
Archgoat   Rise of the Black Moon Angelcunt (Tales of Desecration)
Archgoat   Death and Necromancy Angelcunt (Tales of Desecration)
Mystifier   The Cult (Intro)/Ancient Prediction(My Eternal Nightmare) The Evil Ascension Returns
Morbid   Necrodead Ancient Morbidity
Abigail   We Shall Not Await the Dawn The Lord of Satan
Fester   Visions of the Macabre The Commitments That Shattered 1992-1992
Black Witchery   Holocaustic Church Devastation Inferno of Sacred Destruction
Blasphemy   Blasphemy Blood Upon the Altar
Miasma   Baphomet Changes
Horseback   IHVH MILH IHVH 7"
Autopsy   Embalmed Awakened By Gore
Rites of Thy Degringolade   An Ode to Sin Asylums
Ildjarn   Nocturnal Gathering Ildjarn is Dead
H.W.G.T   Winters Web Winters Web
H.W.G.T   song 2 Winters Web
Fullmoon Rise   Where The Sun Never Reach The End Of Life's Ages
Apolokia   A Norse Evil Shadow Frozen Evokation
Amofas   Cemetery Earth The Fool
Grausamkeit   Stardust Promo 99
Bagatur   II Skazanie Za Drevnobulgarskoto Velichie
Now   Plona Ogniste Wici Przebudzenie Uspionej Potegi
Profanum   Tears Of Chors Flowers Of Our Black Misanthropy
Utumno   Rebirth Syn An Eir Ukjend CId
Raspberry Bulbs   Beggar RB Tries Again
H.W.G.T   All The Shades Of White Winters Web
Ural Umbo   Background Value Fog Tapes
Cirrhus   Time Honored Barrier Cirrhus
Behemoth   Chant Of The Eastern Lands Sventevith (Storming Near The Baltic)
Mythos   Mano Fica Moulded in Clay
Portal   Atmosblisters Seepia
Sadistik Exekution   Agonizing the Dead The Magus
Morbosidad   Decomposed Cadaver on the Cross Morbosidad
Order From Chaos   Blood and Thunder Stillbirth Machine
Mefitic   Deserts of Wounds Misled Conjunction of Evil
Wrathprayer   Unknown TBA--Album on NWN!
Doombringer   Red Vapour Fills the Skull of Cadaver Abhorrent Dreams of the End
Ignivomous   Path of Attrition Path of Attrition
Antediluvian   Hemipenes Eversion Under Wing of Asael
Impurity   Lucifer Spewing Blasphemies The Lamb's Fury
Sarcofago   Recrucified INRI
THX 1138 (Schifrin, Lalo)   Logo THX 1138
Sarcofago   The Black Vomit INRI
Antichrist   Burning Crosses Sacrament of Blood
Ritual   Mr. Denoyer Performances For the Soundproof Chambers
Witchfinder General   Soviet Invasion Buried Amongst the Ruins
Impurity   Lucifer Spewing Blasphemies Over Christ's Head Demo 1989 Recording
Faustcoven   At Night They Rise From Below the Earth Rising From Below the Earth
Nemesis   Black Messiah The Day of Retribution
Vulpecula   Down Among Them Fons Immortalis
Incantation   Abolishment of the Immaculate Serenity Mortal Throne of Nazarene
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