Cy Thoth

Monday 11 February 2013 1:55pm to 6:09pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Vassafor   Sunya (Void Paradox) Obsidian Codex Parasitic
Knelt Rote   Walls of Hometown Waste From Without Celestial Gang
Bunkur   Bludgeon Bludgeon Desreted Factory
cyanic   decomposing san jose
undergang   decomposing san jose
scolex   scolex live mic
Menace Ruine   The Bosom of The Earth Die Is Cast, The ALIEN8 Recordings
Dodsfalla   Death Future Death Future Bad People
Anhedonist   Saturnine Netherwards Dark Descent Records
necrot   necrot live mic
Son of Jor-El   (Bow Before) The Blood Lord Son of Jor-El/Larson, Erik Underdogma
Goatlord   Voodoo Mass S/t Nuclear War Now! Product
Noothgrush   Draize Erode The Person Throne Records
undergang   undergang live mic
Aluk Todolo   VIII Occult Rock Ajna Records