Apollo Hades

Sunday 2 June 2013 7:03pm to 10:01pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
7:03pm Sunn O))) & Boris   The Sinking Belle (Blue Sheep) Altar Southern Lord Recordings
7:08pm Tamaryn   Haze Interior Waves, The Mexican Summer
7:16pm Barn Owl   Against The Night V Thrill Jockey Records
7:18pm Birds of Passage   Disaster of Dreams Winter Lady Cooper Cult Records
7:23pm Fabulous Diamonds   Inverted/Vamp Commercial Music Chapter Music
7:31pm Menace Ruine   One Too Many Die Is Cast, The ALIEN8 Recordings
7:39pm Electric Bird Noise   Desert Jelly Desert Jelly Silber Records
7:43pm Blood Fountains   Spiritless Floods Utech Records
7:59pm Hayden, Bridget   Waste a Siren Blares In an Indifferent Ocean Kraak
8:01pm Twinsistermoon   Kingdom of The Sea Snowbringer Cult, The Ba Da Bing
8:05pm Cosey Fanni Tutti & Petit, Philippe   Invisible Whispers Mist While Sleeping Dirter Promotions
8:11pm Valet   Kehaar Naked Acid Marriage Records
8:16pm Sachiko   Return Loka In The Black Ship Kubitsuri Tapes
8:25pm Sauvage, Tomoko   Making of a Rainbow Ombrophilia Aposiopese
8:28pm Aghast   Das Irrlicht Hexeri Im Zwielicht Der Finsternis Cold Meat Industry
8:32pm Worm Ouroboros   Brittle Heart Worm Ouroboros Profound Lore Records
8:38pm Bailiff, Jessica   We Were Once Feels Like Home Kranky
8:43pm Climax Golden Twins   Lovely Lovely Anomalous Records
9:13pm Sirota, Nadia   From The Invisible to The Visible Baroque bedroom community
9:17pm You'll Never Get to Heaven   Wait You'll Never Get to Heaven Divorce Records
9:23pm Cisneros, Al   Dismas Dismas Sinai
9:26pm Rites Wild   Ill Health Ways of Being Not not Fun Records
9:30pm Oliveros, Pauline   Primordial/Lift - Part 2 Primordial / Lift TAIGA Records
9:47pm Clarinette   On "Delivering The Good" Clarinette On DNA: Jazz Impressions of DNA On DNA/Retrospekt Cassetto Editions
9:49pm Philippe Petit   Movement IV Hitch-hiking Thru Bronze Mirrors Aagoo
9:54pm Lotus Eaters   Side A Wurmwulv TAIGA Records