Robert Emmett

Saturday 11 February 2017 8:59am to 11:58am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:00am TV Theme   Love American Style
9:05am Piero Umiliani   Forbidden Love
9:06am Trailer   Ghost & Mrs Muir
9:09am Kurt Kuenne   Shuffle - Grace
9:14am Ethel Merman   I Get A Kick Out of You
9:17am Steve Alaimo   That's What Love Will Do
9:21am David Raksin   The Bad and the Beautiful
9:23am Janet Klein & Her Parlor Boys   Nuages
9:30am Miklos Rozsa   Tip on a Dead Jockey- Still Married
9:32am Sid Caesar   Little Me - Real Live Girl
9:33am Fredrick Hodges   Gershwin 2nd Prelude Racing down the Black & Whites
9:35am Max Morath & Joan Morris   You Never Knew About Me
9:40am Rachel Portman   Cider House Rules
9:42am Marlene Dietrich   You Go to My Head
9:46am TV Theme   I Married Joan
9:48am Gilbert & Sullivan   Soon as you May
9:49am Yann Tiersen   Amelie - Compine d'un Autre
9:54am Amelie   Si Tu n'etais pas la
9:56am Henry and June   Basque Song
9:58am Elmer Bernstein   Desire Under the Elms - Around the House
10:02am Bob and Ray   The Pittmans- Waxing a Car
10:05am David Shire   Return to Oz - Jack Pumpkinhead
10:10am Bernard Herrmann   Mysterious Island - The Cave
10:10am Dorothy Mackiall   Cannibal Love
10:12am Theme   Black Widow Serial
10:15am Vaclav Neumann   Mystery of Rampo
10:18am Nostromo   Alien (disco version)
10:27am Cool Secret Place   Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland
10:27am Micheal Giacchino   Star Wars Rogue One
10:40am TV Mystery Theme   Peyton Place
10:40am Leith Stevens   Private Hell 36
10:46am Ann Miller   Web of Love
11:01am Al Webber   The Curse of an Aching Heart
11:04am Betty Boop   Sweet Betty/Don't Take My Boopa Doop Away
11:06am Joey Ramone   What a Wonderful World
11:09am PSA   VD is for Everybody
11:12am Barbara Lewis   Baby I'm Yours
11:14am George Fenton   White Palace
11:20am Pre-Code   Jazz Up Your Lingerie
11:20am Kurt Kuenne   Validation - Smile!
11:27am Challengers   Man from UNCLE
11:27am Gerald Fried   Twenty Plus Two
11:29am Michel Legrand   Umbrellas of Cherbourg
11:32am Rocketeer   When Your Lover Has Gone
11:35am Jack Jones & Joanie Somm   Call Me
11:37am Jack Payne   Make Yourself a Happiness Pie
11:42am Miss Ann Gibson & Frederick Hodges   Row Row Row
11:46am Sophia Loren   Almost in Your Arms
11:49am Drawn Out Drama   Dod #84
11:51am TV Theme   Girl With Something Extra
11:51am TV Theme   Blansky's Beauties
11:58am Ralf Wienrich   Coronado
11:58am TV Theme   Masters of Sex
TV Theme