Roland Blunt

Monday 13 February 2017 6:02am to 10:01am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
6:06am Miranda July   The Co-Star Binet-Simon Test, the Kill Rock Stars
6:13am Maeror Tri   ANAESTH Multiple Personality Disorder Purple Soil
6:27am Aube   Blood-Brain Barrier III Blood-brain Barrier Ytterbium
6:37am Genesis/Helios Creed/Laswell   Slogans End of Law, the Sub Rosa
6:38am Genesis/Helios Creed/Laswell   Book O Th Highest Initiation End of Law, the Sub Rosa
6:41am Hassan/Laswell, Bill   The Lord of the Resurrection End of Law, the Sub Rosa
6:41am Blackman, Nicole/Fier, Anton   Assasintations End of Law, the Sub Rosa
6:42am Gen/Anne Clark/Eyeless in Gaza   Tale of the Caliph Hakem End of Law, the Sub Rosa
6:47am Bey, Hakim/Laswell, Bill   The Assasins End of Law, the Sub Rosa
6:49am Deyhim, Sussan   Last Reading End of Law, the Sub Rosa
6:50am Lustmord   Black Static Dark Matter Touch
7:12am Bastard Noise, The   Moonpool Team Rogue Astronaut Gravity
7:26am Bastard Noise, The   Radioactive Sunrise Rogue Astronaut Gravity
7:27am Nitsch, Hermann   Untitled Das Orgien Mysterien Theater: 25 Aktion Cien Fuegos
7:41am Haino, Keiji/ O'Rourke, Jim /Ambarchi, Oren   Be Careful Of This Word "New" With It's Glittering Trap I Wonder If You Noticed "I'm Sorry" Is Such a Lovely Sound Black Truffle
7:58am Bren't Lewiis Ensemble   Red Wagon Stacked High With Kimchee Bones Occupy Infantry BUFMS
8:09am Di Scipio, Agostino   Paris. La Robotique Des Lumieres Paysages Historiques: Musique Electroacoustique 1998-2005 Chrysopee Electronique
8:21am Jessen, Dana   Cadenza & Degradations Carve Innova/American Composers
8:43am Crib   Constant (W/ Petra Haden) Forward Back Win Records
8:51am Pisaro, Michael / Tsunoda, Toshiya   Crosshatches Section 1.2 Crosshatches Erstwhile Records
8:57am Pisaro, Michael / Tsunoda, Toshiya   Crosshatches Section 2.4 Crosshatches Erstwhile Records
9:09am Cline, Alex   On The Bones of The Homegoing Thunder Continuation Cryptogramophone
9:26am Dipygus   Sacrificed to The Zaratan MMXV Self-released
9:29am Dipygus   Cathode Tumors MMXV Self-released
9:35am Mikawa, T. and Wiese, John   World of Other Stuff Oblique No Strategy Helicopter
9:41am Lambkin, Graham   Side A...Philippe Besombes/Jean-Louis Rizet - Pole Amateur Doubles Kye