Robert Emmett

Saturday 12 August 2017 8:58am to 11:58am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:00am Glen Campbell   Witchita Lineman
9:04am James Horner   Star Trek Wrath of Khan
9:08am Wicked   I'm Not that Girl
9:13am Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day   Brother Can You Spare a Dime
9:15am Alan Silvestri   Cosmos - Our Journey is Just Beginning
9:19am Dean Martin Judy Holliday   Just in Time (Bells Are Ringing)
9:26am Rupert Gregson Williams   Wonder Woman - Faustina
9:27am Robert O Ragland   Wonder Woman TV - Diana's Dilemna
9:30am Play! Girls!   Play! Girls!
9:31am Drawn Out Drama   Dod The Magnificent 7
9:34am James Horner   Magnificent 7 - Rose Creek Obsession
9:41am Eddie Cantor   My Baby Cares Just for Me
9:41am Henry Mancini   The Great Race - Sweetheart Tree
9:44am John Williams   Monsignor
9:48am Trailer   The Uninvited
9:49am Danny Elfman   Girl on a Train
9:53am Georges Garvarentz   Panic Button!
9:56am Fallout Shelters?   Nuclear Blindness
9:56am John Ottman   Orphan
9:59am Laurence Rosenthal   Fantasy Island
9:59am Ennio Morricone   Men from Shiloh
10:00am Bob and Ray   World's Longest Narrowest House
10:04am John Williams   Suspense
10:04am Stan Freberg   Jeno Pizza roll
10:05am TV theme   Run Buddy Run
10:07am Howard Ashman & Alan Menken   Little Mermaid Demo Main Theme Music behind the Magic
10:13am Hidden Figures   Hidden Figures
10:18am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Still You Turn Me On
10:18am Leonard Rosenman   Combat!
10:19am Paul Anka   Smells Like Teen Spirit
10:28am Cool Secret Place   Spite House in Alameda
10:29am Ennio Morricone   Untouchables - Strength of the Righteous
10:43am TV Mystery Theme   Family Feud
10:43am Brian Tyler   The Mummy
10:47am Trailer   Running Man
10:48am Brian Tyler   The Mummy
10:59am Buddy Bregman   Delicate Delinquent - the Fight
11:02am Paul Frees   Monolith Monster
11:05am Cab Calloway   Nightmare
11:08am Psychotronix   Swinger
11:09am Peter Paul & Mary   If I Had a Hammer
11:16am Andre Previn   Scene of the Crime
11:16am Attention Deficit Rock   Buddy
11:16am Lalo Schiffrin   Bullitt
11:20am Scott Bradee   Bohemian Rhapsody in Blue
11:25am Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald   Summertime
11:30am T V Theme   Masters of Sex
11:31am Psychotronix   White Tornado
11:31am David Newman   Operation Dumbo Drop
11:34am Ginny Simms   I Get Ideas
11:36am Psychotronix   A little bit better
11:36am eddy arnold   Cattle Call Hail Caesar
11:40am Psychotronix   Tideski
11:40am Piero Umiliani   The Mafia against Goldfinger
11:45am Jerome Moross   Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
11:48am Mark Isham   A River Runs Through It
11:56am Thomasina   Thomasina
11:57am TV Theme   Cheyenne
11:57am TV theme   Secret Agent Man