Dominic Trix

Saturday 4 November 2017 2:01am to 5:59am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Ufomammut   Zodiac
Contranzor   Unforgivable People
Hjuler, Kommissar und Frau   Coming Undone Homler, Anna & Moss, David/ Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Baer Psych.KG
Hardrock Gunter   Blue Guitar Country Guitar Nashville
Savage Hymn   Animals V2 La Vida Sigue Igual Dark Entries
Fire + Ice   Hamr Runa Fremdheit
Hellhammer   Evoked damnation
Celtic Frost   Ain Elohim Monothiest Century Media
Celtic Frost   Inner Sanctum Into the Pandemonium Combat Records
Celtic Frost   Beyond the North Winds To Mega Therion Combat Records
Celtic Frost   Visions Fo Mortality Morbid Tales Hymen Records
Celtic Frost   Tristresses De La Lune I Won't Dance Noise International
CF   Wings Of Solitude
Celtic Frost   Nocturnal Fear Morbid Tales Hymen Records
Celtic Frost   Mesmerized Into the Pandemonium Combat Records
Hellhammer   Horus/Aggressor Apocalyptic Raids Hymen Records
Celtic Frost   a Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh Monothiest Century Media
Ritual Chamber   Beings Of Entropy
Gall Hammer   Crucifixion
Necro Deathmort   Meddle
Tvbc   Reoccurring Dreams Du Huskers:Twin Cities Play Ze Synapse
Seafang   Stardust (B) Solid Gold/ Stardust Emotional Response Recordings
Barlow/Petersen/Wivinus   Buried Under Crows Transparent World, the
Roots Radics   African Queen Dub Check For You Once - Dubwise Musical Ambassador
Shubzilla/ Bill Beats   The Story of Murder (instrumental) Boomers Noir Grime
White Hills   Pull Back The Bolt Putting On The Pressure Valley King Records
Wolves In The Throne Room   Party In The Throne Room
Sigh   Ready For The Final war
Burn   Novelist (Drums of War) From the Ashes Bridge Nine
Angels In America   My Lucky Day Narrow Road to The Interior Ehse Records
Myka 9   Cosmos Teleported Self Produced
White Suns   Korea
Soul Clap   Resurrect The Funk Gator Boots Vol.6 Gator Boots
Mr. Stress Blues Band   Walkin' Through the Park Live at the Brick Cottage 1972-1973 Smog Veil Records