Mitch LeMay

Sunday 19 November 2017 6:02am to 9:02am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
+Dog+   The Ghost of The Arnwr Diogenes Love Earth Music
Fossil Aerosol Mining Project   Traditional Referent Unlistening Place, The Afterdays Media
Orange Cake Mix   Delicate Angel Beach Flower EP Clover Records
Grill, Stanley / Diderot String Quartet   American Landscapes - 3 Adagio Allegro Adagio At the Center of All Things Innova/American Composers
Flamin Groovies   Lonely Hearts Fantastic Plastic Sonic Kicks
Seafang   Stardust (B) Solid Gold/ Stardust Emotional Response Recordings
Demen   Ambur Nektyr Kranky
Demen   Flor Nektyr Kranky
Motormark   Jetset Jetset 7" Empire Records
Arnalds, Olafur   For Now I Am Winter For Now I Am Winter Mercury Records
Heterotic/Gravenhurst   Wartime Love & Devotion Planet Mu Records
Roche   Fusion Sity to Sky Hobo Camp
Windmill   Epcot Slow Epcot Starfields Friendly Fire Recordings
Cath Carroll   Bad Star Bad Star 7" Teen Beat Records
Double Naught Spy Car   Like Standing Water Moof 11 Foot Pole
Chorusgirl   Dream On, Baby Blue Chorusgirl Fortuna Pop!
James Rocket, The   We Are Here For You We Are Here For You/ Derby Girl Tepid Jelly
Push Kings   Cuban Girls Florida 7" Double Agent Records
Vatican Shadow   Luxor Necropolis Luxor Necropolitics Hospital Productions
Omni   Date Night Multi-Task Trouble In Mind
Darto   Hush Wand/Darto split 7" Aagoo Records
Wisdom of Harry, The   Fragments of Harris Fragments of Harris 7" Motorway Records
County Liners, The   Maria S/T Wharf Cat Records
Four Lost Souls   Fish Out of Water Four Lost Souls Bloodshot Records
Cavil   Terese Mares' Tails Radio Khartoum
Cox, Robin   Hovering Ghost of Time Iridian Records
Bart and Friends, The   How Can You Tell Me You Love Me How Can You Tell Me 7" Clover Records
Darto   Character Study Human Giving Aaagoo Records
Swans   People Like Us Glowing, Man, The Young God Records
Fuxa   Willow Run Fuxa/Super Falling Star split 7" Drive-in Records
Small Stone, The   Perfect Day Who What Where How & When Modern World Recordings
Castaway Stones, The   Sunday Came and Went Leave No Stone Unturned Shelflife Records
Radio Dept., The   Sloboda Narodu Running Out of Love Labrador Records
Sunken Road, The   The Sunken Road (Road 6) Sunken Road, The Yesterday & Tomorrow