Robert Emmett

Saturday 30 December 2017 8:58am to 11:59am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Welcome Patron of the Arts   Tom
9:01am Monty Python and the Holy Grail   Charge!!
9:06am Cinderella   Bibbity Bobbity Boo (Japanese)
9:11am Monty Python & the Holy Grail   Knights of Ni (Japanese)
9:14am Tariki Echo   Haruame (Spring Rain) Geisha Reggae
9:17am Pinnochio   Wish Upon a Star (Japanese)
9:20am Goldfinger   Goldfinger (Japanese)
9:25am The Little Mermaid   Under the Sea (Japanese)
9:28am The Lion King   Circle of Life (Japanese)
9:32am Tariki Echo   Ume wa Saita ka? (Have the Plums Blossomed?) Geisha Reggae
9:43am Rawhide   Wolves (Japanese)
9:50am Tariki Echo   Ume ni mo Haru (Plums Even in Spring) Geisha Reggae
9:55am Journey to the Seventh Planet  
9:58am Masaru Sato: The Throne of Blood   1. "The Throne of Blood" Titles Hayasaka, Fumio & Sato, Masaru Akira Kurosawa's Movie Soundt Doxy Music
10:02am Godzilla Vs King Ghidorah   Main Title/U F O Invasion Godzilla, Best of 1984-1995 Crescendo
10:07am Dominic Fronteire   Outer Limits
10:07am Bob and Ray   Garish Summit
10:12am James Horner   Battle Beyond the Stars
10:16am Dominic Fronteire   Rat Patrol/ Another Day, Another Mission
10:19am Filmhaus   Psycho Acappelo
10:26am Cool Secret Place   Esther's German Bakery and Cafe
10:27am Jerry Goldsmith   Basic Instinct
10:28am Frederick Hodges   Static and Code
10:50am TV Mystery Theme   Dick Van Dyke Show
10:50am Swing Time   Pick Yourself Up
10:51am Way you look tonight
10:51am Waltz in Swing Time
10:51am A Fine Romance
10:51am Bojangles of Harlem
11:02am Jeff Beal   Pollack - Alone in the Crowd
11:04am Takis Morakis   Greek Musical Jazz
11:07am Jeff Beal   House of Cards
11:08am Joe LoDuca   Xena, Warrior Princess
11:10am TV Theme   Project UFO
11:15am Edward Shearmur   Sky Captain - Manta Squadron
11:23am Danny Elfman   Justice League - League United
11:26am Boris Karloff   Civil Defense PSA
11:26am Johnny Mercer   Blues in the Night
11:29am Peter Lorre   Spiedel Wristwatches
11:29am Psychotronix   Rice a Roni
11:30am TV Theme   U Bet Your Life
11:31am Peggy Lee   Halo Shampoo
11:32am Elmer Bernstein   Walk on the Wild Side
11:36am Ennio Morricone   The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
11:39am Paul Frees Trailer   The Twilight People
11:39am The Meatmen   Green Acres
11:44am TV Theme   Nurse
11:44am Travelers Insurance NY World's Fair   The Triumph of Man NY Worlds Fair 1965
11:56am Cliff Martinez   Neon Demon
11:56am TV Theme   New Tricks
11:57am Gilligan's Island
11:57am New Breed
11:59am T H E Cat