Roland Blunt

Monday 1 January 2018 6:00am to 10:00am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
6:02am Cox, Robin   Hovering Ghost of Time Iridian Records
6:09am Hearts & Minds   Irresolute Hearts and Minds Astral Spirits
6:15am Millevoi, Nick   Where Thay Do Their Capers Desertion Clean Feed
6:22am Liles, Andrew   The Dead Submariner - Part 1 Dying Submariner, The (A Concerto For Piano and Reverberatio Beta-Iactam Ring Records
6:37am Baird, Ka/ Saint-Pelvyn, John/ Padgitt-Coles, Camilla   Year 1 Five Years Inside The Sun Vibraphone Records
Claus, Michael   Memory Protect / Past Era Memory Protect 100% Silk
6:52am Vatican Shadow   More of the Same (Red Headband) Luxor Necropolitics Hospital Productions
6:58am Carriere, Christian   Proof of Concept Field of Containment Funktionslust Records
7:03am Sutekh Hexen   Pareidolian Sutekh Hexen/ Hissing Flenser
7:19am Porch   Dickhead Walking Boss Self Released
7:24am Primitive Man   Inevitable Caustic Relapse Records
7:36am Mazurek, Rob   Clap Thunder Chimeric Stoned Horn Astral Spirits
7:38am Mazurek, Rob   Cube of Rain Chimeric Stoned Horn Astral Spirits
7:41am Mazurek, Rob   Fracturing Time Chimeric Stoned Horn Astral Spirits
7:43am [coll]: Dehumanization of Species (Actuary / Wake The Machin   The Hole Thing Dehumanization of Species (Actuary / Wake The Machines) Hash Crimes Dispensary
7:53am Sinibaldi, Greg   Lazarus Part 2 Ariel Self Released
8:05am Nakatani/Nanna/Schoofs/Woods   TK1 Nakatani/Nanna/Schoofs/Woods Full Spectrum Records
8:08am It Lo   Sedimentary It Lo Vibraphone Records
8:15am Rapoon   I Want... Un Flic Klang Galerie
8:22am Fossil Aerosol Mining Project   Unlistening Place 2 Unlistening Place, The Afterdays Media
8:31am Esmerine   Northeast Kingdom Mechanics of Dominion Constellation
8:37am Dunkelpek   2 Live At Luggage Store Gallery Self-release
8:48am Pek, Jakob   The Great Return Acoustic Medicine Vibraphone Records
9:01am Oberlin   The Coin Collector Writing on Water Thirsty Leaves Music
9:05am Holy McGrail   Ur-Cow (Licks of Audhumla) Collecting Earthquakes Head Heritage
9:25am Brooklyn Rider   Sequence For Minor White Spontaneous Symbols In a Circle Records
9:33am Hands to   Remembering Guru Means Slayer of S Manifold