Teachers AIDS

Saturday 6 January 2018 3:00pm to 5:57pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:01pm Knifecream   Intro Victim Hanged Man
3:02pm Davis, Betty   I'm Ready, Willing, & Able (take 1) Columbia Years 1968-1969, The Light in the Attic
3:03pm Knifecream   In Your Head Pt 1 and 2 Victim Hanged Man
3:10pm Evil Moisture   Side B Creem-Lube Romantic Storage System Banned Prod.
3:10pm Hypnobeat   Mission In Congo Prototech Dark Entries
3:16pm Holy McGrail   'Quake Appeal Collecting Earthquakes Head Heritage
3:20pm NYC Loft Trax   Piano Unreleased Vol. 5: Mysteries of Dub NYC Loft Trax
3:23pm Morricone, Ennio   Abolicao Queimada/ Burn! EMI
3:28pm Conjuro   Sobre O Dorso Do Bode Negro Vaguendo No Lago Ardente Sobre O Dorso Do Bode Negro
3:44pm Iron Crown   Valhalla Iron Crown Vibraphone Records
3:50pm Housewives   In Camera Housewives Ever / Never
3:53pm Altar De Fey   1975 Echoes In The Corridor Mass Media Records
3:58pm Death SS   I Love The Dead In Death of Steve Sylvester Shadow Kingdom
4:02pm Midnight   Penetratal Ecstasy Sweet Death And Ecstasy
4:05pm Aura Noir   The Rape Dreams Like Deserts Peaceville Records
4:08pm Holocausto   War Metal Massacre War Metal Massacre Nuclear War Now! Productions
4:12pm Immortal   Sons of the Northern Darkness Sons of the Northern Darkness
4:17pm Blood of Kingu   Those That Wander Amidst the Stars Sun In the House of the Scorpion
4:21pm Will Over Matter   Thick Skull Power Dances Bestial Burst
4:28pm Cryptopsy   Voice of Unreason and then you'll beg
4:30pm Hemotoxin   Bleak Prognosis Biological Enslavement Dark Descent Records
4:34pm Moonknight   Pleasure Funeral Valinor Old Skull Productions
4:46pm Astarte   non existent equilibrium rise from within
4:47pm Vintage Flesh   Portals of Confusion The Eyes that Glared at My Agonies
4:53pm The Gault   Bright White Blind Even as All Before us
5:02pm Werkbund   Brandschatzung Haithabu Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien
5:03pm Alluring   Clean The Room
5:09pm Dimhymn   Svart Kallelse Fordarvets Maskineri
5:16pm Obskuritatem   Gospodar samoce U kraljevstvu mrtvih... Black Gangrene
Davis, Betty   I'm Ready, Willing, & Able (take 9) Columbia Years 1968-1969, The Light in the Attic
5:27pm Revolutionaries, The   Love Reaction In Dub Channel One
5:28pm Abate, Maurizio & Uggeri, Matteo   Part IV (ship) Beyond Time Time Released Sound
5:33pm Hell   SubOdin Hell Sentient Ruin Laboratories
5:41pm Mekigah   total cessation of one/ the sole dwelling Litost
5:52pm Lanzo   Between Friends Omnipotent Cold Busted
5:52pm Unsustainable Social Condition   Caballeros, Glasnevin Head Count Your Strife Means Nothing to Me New Forces