Teachers AIDS

Saturday 20 January 2018 3:02pm to 6:01pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:04pm Transmedium
3:05pm Actuary   Spiritual Armageddon Reality Is, The Dream Is Dead, The Crucial Blast
3:12pm alienslang   Sinister Hall of Tongues Placenta Recordings
3:16pm Minotaur   Blurred By The Violence Obsession Phage Tapes
3:22pm Deflowered Cunt   Untitled Cunt-Fest Fermented Bile Vomit
3:34pm Bacteria   Banishment 28 Trax Demo Regurgitated Semen Records
3:40pm Uakti   Promessas Do Sol Uakti Verve/Polygram
3:43pm Steam Railroading under Thundering Skies
3:56pm dave phillips & chrs galarreta   invisible cage of comfort
3:56pm Asmorod   Glass No Kamen II: Vitreous Structures Derelict Tesco Organisation
4:03pm Virulent Spectre   Intro/The Black Room You Will Succumb to The Hate You Possess and Your Failures W Black Gangrene
4:08pm Sangre y Terror   Misanthropic Forces Terrorismo!!!
4:12pm TX-Dub   Moon Dub S/T Top Beat International
4:15pm HellThrasher   Gravewalker Windrot Blak Skul
4:20pm Abhorer   Heathendom Incarnate Oblation II:Abyssic Demonolatries Nuclear War Now! Productions
4:24pm Primitive Man   Tepid Caustic Relapse Records
4:36pm The Fallen   Slaves of Lives and Free of Death Drowned in an Unknown Meaning of Life and Death
4:38pm Belketre   Aapr Dgyarveurtre Ambre Zuerkl Vuorhdrevarvtre
4:42pm Mons Veneris   Vastlands Of My Decayed Realm Vastlands of My Decayed Realm / A Maelstrom for Suicide
4:46pm Hacker, The   Complicated Dances Le Theatre Des Operations Dark Entries
4:48pm Temnohor   V nocnem sere lesnem zacali zrazu havrany krakat Krv A Pot Malych Karpat
4:52pm Ignivomous   Hedonistic Pai Ritual Death Transmutation Nuclear War Now! Productions
5:01pm Soul Preacher   Something to Slow You Down Transcendental Maggot Collection
5:04pm Funeral   Treated As Rats Funeral Self Produced
5:08pm Funeral Shock   F-Scale Funeral Shock Six Weeks
5:08pm Electric Funeral   Order From Disorder Total Funeral Southern Lord Recordings
5:11pm Fanzui Xiangfa   Fuck Your Flag! 2006-2014 Discography Genjing Records
5:13pm Sly & Robbie Meet King Tubby   Dub of Dispair Reggae Rasta Dub Clocktower Records
5:21pm Muspellzheimr   III Nihoggr
5:37pm possibly Russian   ? ? from 1989
5:38pm Breath of Sorrows   Slow Form of Suicide Through Darkness to Battle I Ride
5:44pm Branikald   Steel Of Strained Strings Inspiration Blikk Av Kald
5:51pm Knifecream   Following You Home Victim Hanged Man