Robert Emmett

Saturday 3 February 2018 8:59am to 11:58am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:02am George Fenton   Groundhog's Day - A New Day
9:03am Girl On a Motorcycle   Girl On a Motorcycle Girl On a Motorcycle Get Back
9:06am Pagla Kahin Ka   Opening Theme
9:09am Duning, George   Main Title Bell, Book and Candle Colpix Records Columbia
9:13am Angelo Badalamenti   Twin Peaks Limited Event - Love theme
9:19am Munsel, Patrice & Chorus   Vilia Merry Widow, The RCA Records
9:24am Alex North   Streetcar Named Desire - Streetcar
9:27am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Thank God It's Friday
9:29am Trailer   Mask of Satan
9:32am Marco Beltrami   Dracula 2000 - Life Boat (Main Theme)
9:35am Trailer   I Walk with a Zombie
9:36am John Morris   Haunted Honeymoon
9:41am Charles Bernstein   Nightmare on Elm Street
9:45am John Morris   Young Frankenstein
9:48am Trailer   Devil Girl from Mars
9:50am Mark Mancina   Haunted Mansion - Ghost Ball
9:56am Sam Spence   Milktrain to Paydirt (NFL Films)
9:57am Theodore Shapiro   Spy - Knife Fight
10:00am Jerry Goldsmith   Barnaby Jones
10:00am Bob and Ray   Down the Byways
10:05am TV Theme   Wild Wild West
10:07am Garry McDonald & Laurie Stone   Robbery Under Arms
10:10am Psychotronix   Commercial Rudas Polish Records
10:10am Seka Kojadinovic   Someone to Love in Serbian
10:14am Menkin & Ashman   Little Mermaid Fathoms Below
10:19am Joel McNeely   Squanto: A Warriors Tale
10:30am Cool Secret Place   Burlingame Historical Society in Burlingame Train Depot
10:30am Joel McNeely   Indiana Jones and the Phantom Train of Doom
10:49am TV Mystery Theme   I Dream of Jeannie
10:49am Roy Webb   Out of the Past
10:49am Bedlam
10:49am Crossfire
10:49am Sinbad the Sailor
10:49am Journey Into Fear
11:03am Bernard Herrmann   7th Voyage of Sinbad
11:05am Nino Rota   La Dolce Vita - Arrivederci Roma
11:11am Judy Garland   Everybody's doing it
11:15am Bollywood   Baango Baango Baango
11:21am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Cherry Bomb
11:22am Mighty Wind   Mighty Wind
11:27am Kaye Ballard   First Lady from Mr President
11:30am Lalo Schiffrin   Liquidator - The Killer
11:31am Trailer   East Side West Side
11:35am Mark Isham   Black Dahlia - Hollywoodland
11:37am Bernard Herrmann   Radio drama music
11:38am John Williams   Book Thief
11:40am Russell Moore   Country Roads
11:44am John Barry   Body Heat
11:49am John Barry   You Only Live Twice
11:56am Groucho   Whatever it is I'm against it
11:56am TV Theme   Name of the Game
11:56am Spiderman
11:57am Supercar
11:57am Mannix