Sick and Tired

Saturday 3 February 2018 3:04pm to 6:00pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:05pm Cy Thoth   Manifestations of Transdimensional Experience
3:11pm Altar De Fey   I See Demons Echoes in the Corridor Mass Media Records
3:15pm Haggus   Unsuccessful Musician Haggus/ Couple Skate Trashfuck Records
3:20pm Dislecksick   Tracks Indistinguishable. Play Excerpt Or Whole Side Disleksick/ Shitnoise Bastards Trashfuck Records
3:20pm Escalante, Martin   Destroyed on Every Level Destroyed on Every Level Sploosh Records
3:36pm My Dying Bride   Erotic Literature As the Flower Withers Caroline/Blue Plate
3:36pm Terrorizer   After World Obliteration World Downfall Earache
3:39pm Cattle Decapitation   Intro to Carnage S/T Satan's Pimp Records
3:40pm Cattle Decapitation   Cream of the Crop S/T Satan's Pimp Records
3:43pm Vio-Lence   Kill on Command Eternal Nightmare Mechanic/Futurist Records
3:49pm Tosh, Peter   No Nuclear War No Nuclear War EMI
3:49pm Immolation   Into Everlasting Fire Dawn of Possession RC Records
3:56pm Pig Heart Transplant   I Video Tape Your Diet Hope You Enjoy Heaven Sweatlung
4:00pm HellThrasher   Annihilate Windrot Blak Skul
4:05pm Electric Funeral   Hellish Afterworld Total Funeral Southern Lord Recordings
4:08pm Disembowelment   Excoriate Transcendence Into The Peripheral/Dusk Relapse
4:11pm Painkiller   Blackhole Dub Buried Secrets Earache
4:21pm Asphyx   M.S. Bismarck Last One on Earth Century Media
4:21pm Morgoth   Travel Eternal Fall/Resurrection Absurd, The Century Media
4:30pm Cathedral   Serpent Eve Forest of Equilibrium Earache
4:42pm Mortiferum   Live in the Pit!
5:07pm Perverted Ceremony   Graveyard Sacred Worship S/t Nuclear War Now! Productions
5:12pm My Dying Bride   Erotic Literature As the Flower Withers Caroline/Blue Plate
5:17pm Quasimoto   Shroom Music Further Adventures of Lord Quas, The Stones Throw
5:17pm Assuck   Sum and Substance Misery Index Sound Pollution
5:24pm Discordance Axis   The Necropolitan Inalienable Dreamness, the Hydrahead
5:24pm Darkthrone   Eon Soulside Journey Revolver
5:35pm Night Terrors   Track Two Beyond Human Self Produced
5:36pm Carcass   Oxidized Razor Masticator Reek of Putrefaction Earache
5:41pm Carcass   Genital Grinder Nottingham Rock City 11-14-89 Torture Garden Pictures Records
5:46pm Knablionz   Conejo (rabbit) Left Coast Conference Vol. 2 77Rise Recordings
5:47pm Floridian Winter   Pick Up Your Feet Floridian Winter / Night Falls Haunting Primal Vomit Records
5:51pm Abhorer   Intro Oblation II:Abyssic Demonolatries Nuclear War Now! Productions
5:51pm Abhorer   Heathendom Incarnate Oblation II:Abyssic Demonolatries Nuclear War Now! Productions
5:56pm Minotaur   Blurred By The Violence Pt. 2 Obsession Phage Tapes