Robert Emmett

Saturday 10 March 2018 8:54am to 12:01pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:01am Maurice Jarre   Lawrence of Arabia
9:08am Luba   Opening Titles Cinequest 2018
9:09am Shook Out of Shape   Theme
9:13am George Brun   Yo Ho A Pirates Life is for Me
9:16am Howard Shore   Lord of the Rings
9:19am Max Gabriel   7 Splinters in Time - Nightingale Date Night Cinequest 2018
9:31am Hunting Lands   Justice Calls Cinequest 2018
9:31am J Peter Robinson   Charmed
10:02am Adria Tenor   Pie Cinequest 2018
10:15am J Peter Robinson   Charmed
10:15am You & Me   You are So Little
10:16am John Williams   ET - Far From Home
10:18am Poor Jane   Frozen Food Christmas Orchestral Cinequest 2018
10:28am Cool Secret Place   Good Karma Restaurant
10:28am Bambi   Little April Showers
10:55am TV Mystery Theme   Man from UNCLE
10:55am Kurt Kuenne   Shuffle
10:56am Seeds   Drive
10:57am You & Me   You Could Love Me
11:39am Alex Baack   You & Me
11:39am John Williams   Superman
11:39am Bernard Herrmann   Psycho
11:54am Psychotronix   Bad Girls Go to Hell
11:54am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Thank God it's ....
11:54am Orphan Black
11:58am Dave Allen at Large