Robert Emmett

Saturday 7 April 2018 8:56am to 12:00pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:01am Kelly, Gene   Singin' in the Rain Singin' In The Rain/ Easter Parade MGM Records
9:05am Alan Silvestri   Volcano: Cleansing Rain
9:09am Piero Umiliani   From Rome to New York: The Girl With Nylon Hair
9:13am Cartoon   Yokahama Yankee
9:16am Nora Aunor   It's the Real Thing
9:19am Cartoon   Goof Gas
9:21am TV Theme   Scream Queen
9:25am Jerry Goldsmith   Doctor Kildare
9:26am Drawn Out Drama   Dod Doors NEW
9:28am Jerry Goldsmith   Inner Space - Transformed
9:31am Trailer   Hillbillies in a Haunted House
9:33am Lennon Sister   Tonight You Belong to Me
9:36am Trailer   Super Argo and the Faceless Giant
9:36am Sabaka   Main Theme
9:38am TV Theme   Star Trek: The Next Generation
9:43am Henry Mancini   Condorman
9:47am Marlin Skiles   Queen of Outer Space
9:50am Jody Miller   Looking Out My Backdoor
9:51am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Hocus Focus
9:51am David Newman   Galaxy Quest
9:56am Fraggle Rock   TV Theme
9:56am TV Theme   Flintstones in the style of Eric Satie
9:58am Anne Lloyd   I'm Called Little Buttercup
10:00am Bob and Ray   Anxiety
10:05am TV Theme   That Was the Week That Was
10:07am Mr Blackwell   That's Camp
10:10am TV Theme   Dr Who
10:16am Joe Hisaishi   Princess Mononoke
10:18am Kessler Twin   Steam Heat
10:21am Wild Wild West Box Set   Night of the Casual Killer - Cave Walk
10:33am Cool Secret Place   Pacifica Coastal Museum
10:33am William Stromberg   Music for the Atomic Bomb
10:44am TV Mystery Theme   Mystery!
10:44am Star Trek Music   Who Mourns for Adonais and Catspaw
10:55am Hans Zimmer   Frost/Nixon - Watergate
10:59am Nada Gualdi   Dream in German
11:01am Jerry Goldsmith   The Shadow - Poppy Fields
11:05am Barry Gray   Fireball XL 5
11:07am Trailer   House with Clocks in the Wall
11:09am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Love My Way
11:10am Sarah Washington   Who Listens to Radio
11:12am Doris Day   Pillow Talk
11:17am Jerry Lee Lewis   The Real Thing
11:17am Albert Glasser   Giant from the Unknown
11:18am Son of Dracula   Theme
11:19am Danny Elfman   Justice League - Hero's Theme
11:28am Thomas Newman   Series of Unfortunate Events
11:42am Chris Young   The Core
11:36am Ennio Morricone   Good Bad and Ugly
11:36am Bernard Herrmann   Mysterious Island
11:42am Alexandre Desplat   Shape of Water - Elisa's Theme
11:46am Hansel and Gretel   What are Little Girls Made of
11:46am Comm- JoAnn Campbell   Mother I'd Rather Do it Myself
11:50am Bruce Broughton   Stay Tuned
11:57am Pierio Umiliani   The Mafia versus Al Capone
12:00pm T V Theme   MacGyver