Lord Gravestench

Saturday 14 April 2018 2:03am to 5:56am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:03am Old Tower   Stellary Wisdom Stellary Wisdom Profound Lore
2:17am Mortiis   Journeys to Deserts and Dungeons Keiser Av En Dimensjon Ukjent Cold Meat Industry
2:42am Ain Soph   Untitled - 2 II Mcr Company
2:58am Bain Wolfkind   Desolation Street Hand of Death Hau Ruck!
3:03am King Diamond   Dressed In White Fatal Portrait Metal Blade
3:04am Solitude   Thrash Fire Dangerous Force / Solitude Uncover
3:13am Ails   The Echoes Waned Unraveling, The Flenser
3:19am Ceremonial Execution   Parasite Borigor/ Ceremonial Execution Erode Releases
3:23am Rotting Christ   Non Serviam Non Serviam Peaceville
3:28am Prevalent Resistance   Condemned for the Lust of Life Dynamics of Creation Blut & Eisen
3:37am The True Werwolf   Bats Crawl From My Tower Death Music Werewolf Records
3:45am Clandestine Blaze   The Voice of Our Mythical Past City of Slaughter Northern Heritage
3:53am Lord Gore   Rape Camp The Autophagous Orgy Razorback Recordings
3:56am Evil   Yatsuzaki (Yatsuzaki-kei) Rites of Evil Nuclear War Now! Productions
4:00am Mania   Side A Decrepit Freak Animal
4:18am Scathing   Side B Untitled Oxen
4:27am Dog Holocaust   Track One Volume I, II, III Gaping Hole
4:43am Deathprod   Towboat Treetop Drive Smalltown Supersound
5:01am Crebain   Darkness Be My Bride Night of Stormcrow evil saint
5:10am Irkallian Oracle   Apollyonic Enstasis Apollyon Nuclear War Now! Productions
5:16am Anatomia   Uncanny Descension Cranial Obsession Nuclear War Now! Productions
5:26am Nekros Manteia   The Final Ghost The Haunting Resonance Fall of Nature
5:44am Mordor   In League with Wotan (In League with Satan by Venom) Bunkur vs. Mordor Nuclear War Now! Productions