Mitch LeMay

Friday 4 May 2018 6:04am to 9:57am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
6:04am West Coast Chamber Jazz Trio   Painful Obsession L.A. Strictly Confidential Ictus
6:16am Black Acid Arkestra   Ethereum Black Acid Arkestra Accretions
6:24am Aer   Take Off Your Clothes Water & Architecture Sub Rosa
6:33am Motif   The Guns of Amarone, Episodes 1&2 My Head Is Listening Clean Feed
6:45am Fujiyama/ Haynes/ Choi/ Ibarra   Night Wave Night Wave Innova Recordings
6:46am Sestetto Internazionale   Aural Aural Vertigo Amirani Records/Amirani Contemporary
6:48am Stars of The Lid   The Better Angels of Our Nation Gravitational Pull Vs. The Desire For an Aquatic Life Kranky
6:52am Cope   All Our Dreams All Our Dreams Ignition Sound Recordings
6:57am Siekiera   Czerwony pejaz Nowa Aleksandria Sonic
7:02am Crossing, The   Crossings: If There Were Water If There Were Water Innova/American Composers
7:11am Eggstone   Wrong Heaven Svensk Indie En Karleks Historia No South Records
7:14am Drab Majesty   Egress Oak Wood/ Egress Dais
7:17am Cloudberry Jam   Elevator
7:23am Csorba, Will   Impression of an Undiscovered Roadway Because I Was Flesh Icehouse Music
7:25am Vee, Brett   Long Distance Man Derivative Nation Running In Place
7:27am June Panic   In the Grave Tractor Tunes Vol. 1 Fresh Cow Pie Records
7:36am Oura   Hello Mosquito Vidi Vitties EP Peek-a-Boo Records
7:42am Ruby Boots   Believe In Heaven Don't Talk About It Bloodshot Records
7:46am Clothesline Revival   On a Bus to Nowhere Holy Cow Paleo Music
7:53am Gem   Smiling All The While Sheep Carcrashh Records
7:55am Signalmen   Hold Me Down Falsetto Teeth Parasol Records
8:00am Callenberg   Some Stones Are Really Hard Dear Satellite Bend Records
8:02am Canisius, Keith   We Gotta Get Going Static Waves 4 Saint Marie Records
8:07am Ross, Atticus   One Block Further Almost Holy Sacred Bones Records
8:13am 35 Summers   Really Down
8:17am Nueva Costa   Telenovelas Dilema Bym
8:22am Comet Gain   (All the) Avenue Girls Paperback Ghosts Fortuna Pop!
8:26am Pussycat   Viva la Mariee Poof! Cherry Red Records
8:27am Black Flamingos   Showdown At Lasso Canyon Neon Boneyard Hi-Tide
8:36am Easton, Richard   Free as a Bird Weave Candle Records
8:39am Culprit One   Running in Order A Step in the Left Direction Booby Trap
8:42am Millikan, Ann   Trilhas De Sombra: II. Snow World Ballad Nocturne Innova/American Composers
8:53am Dears, The   Lost in the Plot Lost in the Plot 7" Bella Union
8:59am Womack, Lee Ann   All The Trouble Lonely, The Lonesome & The Gone, The ATO Records
9:05am Walker, Karima   We've Been Here Before Hands in Our Names Orindal Records
9:13am Beat Poets, The   Theme from Randall & Hopkirk Superior Surf Sounds EP Boa Records
9:20am Melody Unit, The   Theme from Frolic Will There Be Time for Tea? Morgan Leah
9:23am Aloha   Ice Storming Some Echoes Polyvinyl Records
9:26am Boy Crazy   Last Thursday Last Thursday EP Magic Marker Records
9:30am Croque Madame   Praise Croque Madame Emotional Response
9:32am Gravenhurst   Abilene/Still Water Outro Offerings Warp Records
9:43am DJ Olive   Triage Triage Room 40