Robert Emmett

Saturday 5 May 2018 8:53am to 11:59am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:02am Wayne, Jeff   The Eve of the War War of the Worlds, the CBS Records
9:03am Bernard Herrmann   On Dangerous Ground
9:05am Trailer   Mask of Satan
9:07am Marlin Skiles   Queen of Outer Space
9:08am Trailer   Beast from 20000 Fathoms
9:14am John Williams   Suspense! theme
9:14am Andrews, Julie   The Lusty Month of May Camelot Columbia
9:17am Elmer Bernstein   Sons of Katie Elder
9:19am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Shake some Action
9:23am Bronsilau Kaper   Home from the Hills
9:25am Gene Autry   Back in the Saddle
9:29am Franz Waxman   Prince Valiant
9:31am Psychotronix   Quiz Reel
9:36am Randy Edelman   Dragonheart
9:43am Clint Mansell   Loving Vincent
9:48am Drawn Out Drama   Dod Fight Terrorism
9:48am Henry Mancini   Experiment in Terror
9:50am The Phantom Serial   Main Theme
9:55am Jerry Goldsmith   The Great Train Robbery
9:58am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Jimi Manic
9:59am Ricardo Montalban   Cordoba!
10:00am TV Theme   Dr Blake Mysteries
10:02am Bob and Ray   You tell me No but there's Yes in Your Eyes
10:09am TV Theme   Munsters on a Player Piano
10:09am Lalo Schiffrin   Bullitt
10:13am Diahann Carroll   It Ain't Necessarily So
10:30am Nightmare Before Xmas   This is Halloween in French
10:30am TV Theme   Streets of San Francisco
10:31am Cool Secret Place   Movie Locations - Where Monsters Walk
10:31am Hans J Salter   Tarantula
10:42am TV Mystery Theme   Ironside
10:42am Bernard Herrmann   Vertigo
11:03am Danny Elfman   Batman
11:03am Kukla Fran and Ollie   Here We Are Again
11:06am Pete Rugolo   The Fugitive on the Run
11:09am Peter Lorre   Can't destroy that watch
11:09am Kitty White   Riders to the Stars
11:10am TV Theme   Underdog
11:14am TV Theme   Super Chicken
11:14am John Powell   Bolt! - Rescuing Penny
11:19am Drawn Out Drama   Dod #7
11:19am Miklos Rozsa   Green Fire
11:26am Ricardo Montalban   LOVE
11:26am 3 Cabelleros   Who Says So? WE SAY SO!
11:35am TV Theme   Wonderful World of Color
11:38am TV Theme   The Rifleman
11:43am Lalo Schiffrin   Magnum Force
11:43am Penthouse Serenade
11:44am Dixie Chicks   Rainbow Connection
11:53am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Locomotion
11:56am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Pump Up the Volume
11:59am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Hot Stuff
11:59am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR What Condition