Honey Bear

Monday 7 May 2018 2:00pm to 5:52pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:01pm Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ   #1 Live LP Riot City Japan
2:08pm Voivod   Helldriver Rrroooaaarrr Combat Records
2:12pm Drab Majesty   Egress Oak Wood/ Egress Dais
2:14pm Sodadosa   No Existence Muddy Muff/Der Demestizierte Mensch/To-Bo/Sodadosa Shit Noise Records
2:23pm Serpent Crown   Martyr Incantations of Vengeance Self Release Serpent Crown
2:27pm Amnion   Burn The Forest Burn The Forest Calabozo
2:33pm Eyes of Solitude   Those Who Don't Return Sui Caedere Kaotoxin
2:48pm Moon Blood   Choke Violentacts Running In Place
2:49pm Moon Blood   Neu Pogo Violentacts Running In Place
2:52pm Green Druid   Ritual Sacrifice Ashen Blood Earache Records
3:02pm Siekiera   Jest bezpiecznie Nowa Aleksandria Sonic
3:07pm Cold Claw   Hail The Eye of Obsidian Punish The Blind Ritual Sound
3:13pm Expander   Opulent Tesseract Ascension Endless Computer Nuclear War Now! Productions
3:16pm Dangerous Force   Skullcrushing Savagery Dangerous Force / Solitude Uncover
3:22pm Friendship   El Chapo Hatred Daymare Recordings
3:25pm BLSPHM   Side A I Can't Die Here Dead Accents
3:36pm Godchilla   Holographic Capsules Myrkfaelni #2 Myrkfaelni
3:42pm Cattle Decapitation   Roadkill Removal Technician S/T Satan's Pimp Records
3:43pm Negative Reaction   We Got Problems Victims of The System / We Got Problems Rot'en Roll Records
3:45pm Scumbrigade   Fight Scumbrigade/ Tolshock Yellow Dog Records
3:47pm Cro-Mags, the   World Peace Age of Quarrel, the Profile Records
3:49pm SBSM   Your World Leave Your Body Thrilling Living
3:52pm Decieverion   Despondent Despondent Paragon Records
3:59pm AMK   Strobelight Tuner Crowns Oxen
4:01pm Ails   Any Spark of Life Unraveling, The Flenser
4:11pm Totalitar   Multinationella Multinationella Mordare Crust Records
4:15pm Couch Slut   Snakes In The Grass Contempt Gilead Media
4:24pm Old Tower   Stellary Wisdom Stellary Wisdom Profound Lore
4:31pm Paganizer   Gasmask Obsession Eroded/ Paganizer Imperium Productions
4:33pm Torturing Nurse   Co-Taeyang Coveryeye Is My Co-Pilots Post-Materialization Music
4:41pm Evil   Transfixion (Kushi-zashi) Rites of Evil Nuclear War Now! Productions
4:43pm Wolfsschrei   Leichentanz Wolfsschrei/ Isaz Raging Bloodlust Records
4:49pm Kontaminat   Teamplayer Guinea Pigs Kontaminat Lengua Armada
4:52pm Le Cose Bianche   Riduzione Delle Membra a Steppa Born Old Europa Cafe
4:56pm Anencephalus   Trapped In The Net Mykosis Fungoides Self Release Anencephalus
4:59pm Clandestine Blaze   Circle of Vultures City of Slaughter Northern Heritage
5:03pm Burning Witch   Country Doctor Towers... Slap a Ham
5:19pm Hatework   Bastard Vexed/ Hatework Dream Evil Records
5:22pm Elisabetha   Der Fall Waldemar Eine Dunkle Symbiose Aus Tod & Ewiger Finsternis Eclipse of Live Promulgation
5:27pm Jodorowsky, Alejandro   Drink It Holy Mountain. The ABKCO Records
5:31pm Hutchinson, Hal   Metalwork Installation III Wreckage Installations and Metalworks Crucial Blast
5:41pm Floom   Mvmt 1 Multi-voice of The Immensity Casual Acid Tea