Robert Emmett

Saturday 12 May 2018 9:01am to 12:00pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:02am Alan Silvestri   Volcano - March of the Lava
9:05am Trailer   Human Duplicators
9:07am Edward Shearmur   Sky Captain & World of Tomorrow - Robot Army
9:11am Drawn Out Drama   Dod 3013
9:11am TV Theme   Futurama
9:15am David Arnold   Narnia Voyage of Dawn Treader - Painting
9:17am Douglass Fake   Holly versus Hollywood
9:23am John Williams   Fast Streets of Shanghai Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
9:26am Hans J Salter   Invisible Man Returns
9:28am Trailer   The Evil Eye
9:30am Roy Webb   Zombies On Broadway
9:33am David Arnold   The Musketeer
9:36am Zombies of Mora Tau
9:36am Blake Neely   Supergirl
9:38am Ramin Djawadj   Game of Thrones
9:42am Bruce Broughton   The Presidio - Chinatown Chase
9:47am Drawn Out Drama   DoD PoliceSquad
9:48am Jerry Goldsmith   Man from UNCLE
9:50am Reinhold Heil   Helix - They Hurt
9:50am Alexander Courage   Judd for the Defense
9:54am Bernard Herrmann   Jason and the Argonauts
9:56am Randy Edelman   The Mask - The Mask is Back!
9:59am Industrial Musicals   Don't Let a Be-Back Get Away!
10:04am Bob and Ray   Interview Baseball Manager
10:05am Alex North   Streetcar Named Desire
10:08am Trailer   Scene of the Crime
10:10am Barry Gray   Thunderbirds
10:11am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Big Electric Cat
10:14am Alan Silvestri   Back To the Future
10:17am Overexposed   Main Theme
10:18am Crimson Ghost   Serial Theme
10:19am Jungle Moon Men   Opening Theme
10:20am TV Theme   Kung Fu
10:29am Cool Secret Place   Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company
10:30am Lalo Schiffrin   Rush Hour 2
10:48am TV Mystery Theme   Avengers
10:48am Howard Blake   Music from Tara King era of Avengers
11:00am John Barry   On Her Majesty's Secret Service
11:04am Babylon Berlin   Babylon Charleston
11:07am Mitchum, Robert   Ballad of Thunder Road, The Calypso- Is Like So... Scamp
11:08am Ralph Carmichael   The 4D Man
11:10am UK Mixmasters   Bare Necessities/I Wanna Be Like You
11:17am Henry Mancini   Arabesque
11:20am Commercial   Seattle World's Fair
11:20am Psychotronix   Scopitone - Goldfinger in German
11:25am Psychotronix   Frank Baxter on Time
11:25am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Stayin Alive
11:28am Rachel Portman   Road to Wellville
11:28am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR We Built this City
11:29am TV Theme   Burke's Law
11:30am Mr Know It All   Hi - Fi
11:31am TV Theme   Tightrope
11:32am Stan Freberg   Audiofile
11:39am ECCO   The Rites of Sex
11:41am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Shock the Monkey
11:43am Psychotronix   Johnny Cash for Trains
11:44am Psychotronix   Rice a Roni
11:44am Greek Musicals of the 60s   Girl Girl Dreams of Life
11:51am Joe Hisaishi   Music
12:00pm MTV Bumpers
12:00pm Garrison's Gur
12:00pm Meet the Press
12:00pm Name of the Game