Dada Diogenes

Sunday 13 May 2018 3:01am to 5:59am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:02am Poly Chain   Peanut Butter Music For Candy Shops Transatlantyk
3:06am Black Mecha   Non-Force Sensitive Counterforce Profound Lore
3:15am Harmonic 313   Cyclotron C64 Sid When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence Warp Records Ltd
3:23am Shitmat   On a Ragga Shit Killabanylonkutz Planet Mu
3:24am Matthias Heilbronn   Do It Righ (Matty's PFR Mix) Dead Man's Hand Poker Flat Recordings
3:38am Sleeparchive   Galactic Blob Infrared Glow Sleeparchive
3:38am Squarepusher   Gong Acid Budakhan Mindphone Nothing
3:44am Lost Sounds   I'm not a Machine Black Wave Empty Records
3:45am Gob   Soft Bodied Gob/Martindale, Wink Slap a Ham
3:45am Monkeywrench, the   Solar Revelations Electric Children Estrus Records
3:47am Spaceshits, The   Can't Be True Full Fisted Action Sympathy for the Record Industry
3:51am Gem   Sheep Sheep Carcrashh Records
3:54am Wander   b2/3 Mourning Other People
4:00am Nueva Costa   Devenir De Las Piedras Dilema Bym
4:02am Hertz, Jack   Light Years Planet Red Aural Films
4:04am Rainbow Arabia   The Basta Basta, The Tiny Man Records
4:12am Celer   Animate Companionship Vestiges of an Inherent Melancholy Blackest Rainbow Records
4:36am Primordial Wound   Pure Blight/Scrabble At Lock Pure Blight Oxen
4:50am Fun In Latex   Side a Crybaby Vulnavia Editions
5:07am To-Bo   Mint Chocolate Muddy Muff/Der Demestizierte Mensch/To-Bo/Sodadosa Shit Noise Records
5:15am Soar Horse   48,217 Trax BullShit Market Orb Tapes
5:23am DOG   Don't Shoot Me Please HX. of Violencia Love Earth Music
5:41am Blectum From Blechdom   Little Claude Fishin' In Front of People: The Early Years 1998-2000 Phthalo
5:43am Duncan, John   Gala Organic Etats Unis
5:52am Hutchinson, Hal   Metalwork Installation IV Wreckage Installations and Metalworks Crucial Blast
5:52am Hutchinson, Hal   Metalwork Installation III Wreckage Installations and Metalworks Crucial Blast