Dada Diogenes

Friday 15 June 2018 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:01pm Jack Brewer Band   I Needed You Rockin' Ethereal New Alliance
2:03pm Van Slyke   Summertime In the Dirtbox Vol 3 Dirtbox
2:05pm Annette Funicello   Jamaica Ska KFJC Cart Archives #7
2:09pm Square Roots   For Your Pleasure In the Dirtbox Vol 3 Dirtbox
2:14pm Flatt Topp   Blue Moon of Kentucky KFJC Cart Archives #7
2:17pm Beat Farmers   Beat Generation KFJC Cart Archives #2
2:21pm Scharpling and Wurster   The Music Scholar Chain Fights, Beer Busts, and Service With a Grin Stereo Laffs
2:21pm Jigsaw Seen   Please, Dont You Run In the Dirtbox Vol 1 KFJC
2:25pm Realtors   Where Is Bed? Homework 101 Hyped 2 Death
2:28pm Ants at Ground Zero   Spam Free America KFJC Cart Archives #1
2:30pm Story of Failure   The Long Ride Homework 102 Us D.I.Y. HYPED2DEATH
2:33pm Frontline Rockers   Sabotage KFJC Cart Archives #7
2:39pm Daddy Screw   Version Get Busy Studio 2000
2:41pm Daddy Screw   Get Busy Get Busy Studio 2000
2:45pm Kenny Ahern   Misirlou Surfing Bagpipes self
2:49pm Todd Novak & The Benny Hillbilleez   Lover's Walk Goat's Head Surf toddnovakmusic.com
2:51pm UNIT   The East Is Red Godspunk Volume Eleven Pumf Records
2:52pm Aston "Familyman" Barret   Well Pleased KFJC Cart Archives #2
2:55pm B People   Give Up Homework #10: DIY/experimental ABC Hyped 2 Death
2:58pm Asbestos Rockpyle   Police State Homework #9 Us D.I.Y Hyped 2 Death
3:00pm Bomis Prendin   Auto Acupuncture Homework #10: DIY/experimental ABC Hyped 2 Death
3:01pm rancid vat   Live Music From a Dead WFMU
3:02pm Bazooka & Jack Brewer   Good Morning, God Saved From Death In The Dream World New Alliance
3:03pm Waipod Petchsuphan   Ding Ding Dong Paradise Bangkok The Album : Vol. 2 Paradise Bangkok
3:08pm Bottle   Static Drunk Zapatos Co-dependent
3:09pm Joshua Burkett   Strange that They're Next to Evil Leaves Rustling Feather One's Nest Record
3:11pm Cope   Indoor Rain All Our Dreams Ignition Sound Recordings
3:16pm The Hepburns   Porthcawl In The Mean Time Radio Khartoum
3:22pm Triptides   Visitors Visitors Requiem Pour Un Twister
3:25pm Stefen Lazer   Dat Payola (Mantra) Karma 77 Rise
3:28pm The Elevator Drops   Elevator to Heaven Elevator to Heaven Time Bomb Recordings
3:33pm Hero Zero   I Can't Believe It's True Hero Zero self
3:37pm Michael Shelley   Speak Out With Ken Sander Jimmy's Corner Confidential
3:38pm Heat Vision & Jack   The Operation R.U.F.F. Self Produced
3:43pm Pinkish Black   Bottom of The Morning Live From The Devil's Triangle Vol 20 KFJC
3:53pm Silver Dick   Caul Silver Dick Feeding Tube Records
3:59pm Phew   Antenna Light Sleep Mesh Key
4:06pm Ashwin Batish   Bombay Boogie In the Dirtbox Vol 2 Dirtbox
4:17pm Bill Orcutt & Jacob Heule   Christmas of Earth Colonial Donuts Palilalia
4:25pm The Frights   Haunted You Are Going to Hate This Dangerbird Records
4:27pm Noun   Dirty Mind Throw Your Body On The Gears and Stop The Machine With Your Don Giovanni Records
4:31pm Kaelan Mikla   Glimmer og aska Kaelan Mikla Fabrika Records
4:41pm Eyes of Solitude   Shrigoi Sui Caedere Kaotoxin
4:46pm Yaawn   Callate Big House No Sky
4:49pm Duet For Theremin and Lap Steel   Aether Fortior Collaborations Duet On Line
5:00pm Dj Female Convict Scorpion   Ishmagrad Ishmagrad Self Produced
5:05pm Psychic Lemon   Instellar Fuzz Star Freuency.rhythm.distortion.delay Self Produced
5:14pm Reg Bloor   The Wrath of That Sensory Irritation Chamber Systems Neutralizers
5:16pm Ceramic Dog   Muslim Jewish Resistance YRU Still Here? Northern Spy Records
5:21pm Astral   Svalbard Nikola Tesla's Missing Weapon Vibraphone Records
5:17pm Joan and The Rivers   Zaccident Joan and The Rivers Snafu Family
5:38pm Julie Conway/Bob Prince Quartet   kick out the kinks Good Housekeeping's Plan For Reducing Good Housekeeping
5:38pm Bonnie Prince Billy   The Signifying Wolf Cursed Sleep Palace Records/Drag City
5:41pm Rambutan   Remember Me Now Remember Me Now Kendra Steiner Editions
5:46pm Commissure   Chunti Sketchbooks + Road Maps Conditions
5:52pm Greg Ashley   Blue Azul Fiction Is Non Fiction Dusty Medical Records
5:53pm Sarah Louise   Hellbender VDSQ Solo Acoustic Vol.12 Thin Wrist