Fred Renard

Saturday 30 August 2003 2:00am to 6:00am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Burrell, Dave   Peace Echo
Thornton, Clifford   Pan-African Festival [coll]: Jazzactuel Disc 1
Cyrille, Andrew   What About? What About?
Shepp, Archie   Brotherhood at Ketchaoua Live at the Panafrican Festiva
Sanders, Pharoah   Blues for Santa Cruz Live...
Sunn O)))   A Shaving of the Horn That.. White 1
L@N   A2 A7
Lesser V. Venetian Squares   Mensa Disco Queens [coll]: Return of Fight Club
Racebannon   Satan's Kickin'yr Dick in 4 [coll]: Near and Far
Scissor Girls   Cranks Contrl New Tactical Outline, Sec I I
Sonic Youth   Sympathy for the Strawberry Murray Street
Essential Logic   Martian Man Fanfare in the Garden
Vervein   Lustig Vast Low Cities
Sun City Girls   Baked Asterisk Wah
Nervous and the Kid   The Wedding Feast Nervous and the Kid
Mccombs, Cass   Not the Way Not the Way
Galaxie 500   Oblivious Today
Velvet Underground, the   It's All Right (The Way that Something Different
You Only Live Twi (soundtrack)   Capsule in Space You Only Live Twice
Suicide   Love You Alive
Lali Puna   Left Handed Left Handed
Whitey on the Moon U K   Sailing By Night Noam Chomsky Spring Break E P
Aluminum Group, the   If You've Got a Lover (Full If You've Got a Lover,
Pram   Sirocco Dark Island
Black Eyes   Have Been Murdered Again [coll]: Black Eyes/Early Human
Girls Against Boys   Stay in the Car Sexy Sam
Metropolitan   Girl From Montpelier Down for You Is Up
Unrest   Make Out Club Perfect Teeth
7 Year Rabbit Cycle   This Is for Harry Animal People
Curtains   Bummer with Cakes Flybys
Red Pony Clock   Here Comes the Sun That'll Be Another 5 2
Lowdown, the   Big Man Revolver 2
Bride of no no   Proven Formula S/T
Point Line Plane   Death Dance 2000 Point Line Plane
Neu   Isi 75