Bad Daddy

Tuesday 30 September 2003 6:00am to 10:00am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Kronos Quartet   12/12 Nuevo
Zappa, Frank   Saliva Can Only Take So Much Civilization Phaze 3
Eskelin, Ellery   The Inflated Tear One Great Day
3D   Spring Encounters Vibes: Didjeridoo Music
Brazelton/Naphtali   Batch 1-2 What Is It Like to Be a Bat?
Nordine, Ken/Shure, Robert   Queen Wink
Zmrzlina   Creek Lullaby Katastrophe Vol. 3
Nudge   Poor Impulse Control Elaborate Devices for Filterin
Reverbaphon   Only Song Medium Through Which Sound, th
Tomorrowland   Catalyst Anemone
Ron Drand Orchestra   The Orbitus [coll]: Sympathetic Sounds of
Blue Series Continuum   Then Again Good and Evil Sessions
Schumacher, Michael J.   The Resolution Chord From .. Fidicin Drones
Burroughs, William S.   Silence to Say Goodbye Vaudeville Voices
Friends of Dean Martinez   Indian Summer On the Shore
Brokeback   The Wind-Up Bird Looks at the Birds
Spoon   Idiot Driver Telephono
Califone   Porno Starlet Vs. Rodeo Clon Roomsound
Numbers   Ee-Uh! Ee-Uh!
Surf Champlers   Nanta Hama Champloo a Go Go
Rollerball   Mike's Hind Real Hair
Brain, the   Nightmares in Red [coll]: Rubble 3: Wonderland
Nastasia, Nina   We Never Talked Run to Ruin
Ellis Island Sound   Six Shooter Annex
Prisoner (soundtrack)   (D)You R a Born Survivor Prisoner File #3
Unwed Sailor   Morning in the Forest Marionette & the Music Box, th
Pinetop Burks   Shake the Shack [coll]: Texas Piano Styles
Lindsey, Graham   Hutch Jack Flats Rag Famous Anonymous Wilderness
Mccombs, Cass   It's Getting Colder Not the Way
Mingus, Charles   Peggy's Blue Sky Light Mingus in Europe
Love Letter Band, the   I Hope this Lasts Even the Pretty Girls Take....
Maquiladora   Heartbroken What the Day Was Dreaming
Los Campesinos De Michoacan   El Estillero Los Campesinos De Michoacan
Various (soundtrack)   The Beginning 28 Days Later
Trailer Bride   Silk Hope Road Hope Is a Thing with Feathers
W.A.C.O.   The Fish of Melrose Finnegan's W.A.C.O.
Ussachevsky, Vladimir & Otto L   Incantaion for Tape [coll]: Anthology of Noise & E
Rich, Robert (soundtrack)   Hour One Somnium