Monday 24 January 2005 10:15pm to 6:15am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Ex, the   Confusion Errorist Turn
David Dondero   Pre-Invasion Jitters Live at the Hemlock
Avengers, the   The American in Me American in Me, the
Doug Martsch   Heart (Things Never Shared) Now You Know
Mice, the   Not Proud of the Usa For Almost Ever
The Mass   Rack of Lamb of God S/T Ep
This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb   Mouseteeth S/T 7"
Laudanum   Virus The Apotheker
The Aislers Set   Hit the Snow Last Match
Jandek   I Was King Gone Wait, the
Rachel's   Full on Night [coll]: Rachel's/Matmos
Axolotl   Track 3 Axolotl
Dimuzio, Thomas   4 Poles Slew
Dirty Three   Better Go Home Now S/T________________
Mainliner   Black Sky Mellow Out
Yoko Solo   Sugar and Red Wine Forbidden Channel, the
Ruins   B.U.G. Graviyaunosch
Avskum   Punks Don't Bend In the Spirit of Mass Destruct
Wives   The Big Idea Erect the Youth Problem
House of Low Culture   On the Upswing "Edwards Lament!"
T.Raumschmiere   A Million Brothers-Sub Speci A Million Brothers Blah Blah B
Lesbians on Ecstacy   Superdyke! (Live) S/T
Azusa Plane, the   Strings 4 America Is Dreaming of Uni...
Larsen   Track One Play
Kid Dakota   Pine Ridge West Is the Future, the
Summer at Shatter Creek   My Neighbor's Having a Seizu Summer at Shatter Creek
Jim Yoshi Pile-Up, the   Conversation Stalls [coll]: Secret Is Out, the
Son, Ambulance   Billy Budd Key
Fall, the   Mountain Real New Fall Lp, the
Flying Saucer Attack   In the Light of Time Further
Kptmichigan   The Pulse Has Dropped S/T
Astoveboat   Swiss Myth New Bedford
Aube   Heart of Gold Triad Thread
Space Machine   1 3
Death in June   Nation Guilty Have no Pride, the
Hafler Trio, the   Kisses with Both Hands...... Kisses with Both Hands From...
Kent 3, the   Amateur Motor Race Stories of the New West
M83   Teen Angst Before the Dawn Heals Us
Master Musicians of Bukkake   Black Bile Visible Sign O Invisible Order
Merzbow   Black Swan Merzbird
Keelhaul   Lackadaisical Chinese Tube.. Ii
Machine Gun Romantics   Headlock Everything So Far
Voorhees   You Are Nothing Crystal Lakes Legacy
Look Back and Laugh   Truth and Error S/T
Total Shutdown   Dance ______________________________
Le Flange Du Mal   Track 12 S/T
Soft Pink Truth, the   Out of Step Do You Want New Wave or Do You
Weegs   Pink Elephant Walk Meat the Weegs
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum   What Shall We Do Without Us? Of Natural History
State River Widening   Zaanse Schans Early Music
Tarantism   Vietnamese Theatre Festival [coll]: Keep Frozen
Tsunoda, Toshiya   Layered [coll]: Spire
Jaga Jazzist   Animal Chin A Livingroom Hush
Mtkj Quartet   Function Making Room for Spaces
Tortoise/The Ex   Pooh Song In the Fishtank 5
Monolake   Excentric Momentum
Sixes   Untitled 1 Organs
Birchville Cat Motel   It's More Fun to Compute Beautiful Speck Triumph
Volcano the Bear   The Colour of My Find One Burned Ma, the
Black Mayonnaise   Delirium Ttssattsr
New Collapse   Fellow Man S/T Ep
Fourteen Year Old Girls   Super Tomb Raider Punk Strategy Guide
Guitar Wolf   Rock 'n'roll Etiquette Rock 'n' Roll Etiquette
Onieda   Summerland Nice/Splittin' Peaches
Monks, the   We Do Wei Du Five Upstart Americans
Radio Palestine   Night in Ancient Egypt Sounds of the East Mediterrane
Reverend Glasseye   Sins of Portmouth Happy End and Begin
Parton, Dolly   Stairway to Heaven Live and Well
Faun Fables   Carousel with Madonnas Family Album
Bonfire Madigan   Running Saddle the Bridge
Newsom, Joanna   The Sprout and the Bean Yarn and Glue
Gel:   Fane Dolce
Avoid Exposure   Aube Vs. the Remote Viewer [coll]: Rewriting the Book
Ashtool   Nulla Mi E Dovuto Electrosoundphrasesinth(Ou)Gh(
Rubber O Cement   Inserting a Human Gene Fly.. Kaiser Langerhan's Hysterical.
Gang Wizard   I Don't Want to Take a Bath [coll]: Friendsforever/Gangwiz
Gallagher, Larry   Show Me Your Flaw (Language) An Endless Chain of Accidents
Rivulets   Shadow of a Ghost You've Got Your Own
Tsurubami   Tatoe Kishiroedo [coll]: Soul Collective 2003
Fucked Up   Circling the Drain Madrid 1936
Takaru   Coardly Feeding Silence A Light in the Attic/U
Iron Lung   The Bleeders [coll]: Iron Lung/Scurvy Basta
Year Future   The Hidden Hand Hidden Hand, the
Aluminum Noise   A1 Diluted Essence All this World Has to Offer...
Burning Star Core   You Are Legend [coll]: Niacin Sun
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