Anubis, God of Jackals

Monday 28 March 2005 6:00am to 10:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Joe Colley   Lost, or at Last Realizing.. Desperate Attempts at Beauty
F-Space   Charity and Hope Preliminary Impact Report
Om   Kapila's Theme Variations on a Theme
High on Fire   Sons of Thunder Blessed Black Wings
Ahleuchatistas   Joyous Disruptions Same and the Other, the
Parker/Drumm/Zerang   Electro Out Trios Volume Two
Luther Thomas   Intensity Funky Donkey
Ethnic Heritage Ensemble   Kahlil's Blues Live at Stockholm
Ware David S Quartet   Serpents and Visions Oblations and Blessings
Minton, Turner Phil & Roger   Somewhat Drainage
Lacy, Steve - Sextet   The Gleam Gleam, the
Jackie Mittoo   Hang 'em High [coll]: Studio One Funk
Harmika Yab-Yum   Radio Nepal 1 Folk Sounds From Nepal
Grails   Reprieve Red Light
Damon & Naomi   A Second Life Earth Is Blue, the
Hall of Fame   Sleight of Line Paradise Now
Graham Moore   Moan [coll]: Moore, Graham & Pulse
Henk Badings   Introduction/Dance [coll]: Popular Electronics
Dino Felipe   Dinostrux I'm You
Scientific American   When It Was Ever Everything Strong for the Future
The Electronic Humans Guild   Asimov [coll]: Nuvo
Panda Bear   Untitled Young Prayer
Deerhoof   Strawberry Bananas Se Piangi Se Ridi/Strawberry B
Weegs   Ballad of Shitty Mccoolie Meat the Weegs
Crack We Are Rock   Cave Silent Fantasy
November Novelet   Misanthropy From Heaven on Earth
Anenzephalia   Track Eight Noehaem
Gum   Tv Eye Vinyl Anthology
L. Elggren/T. Liljenberg   Two Thin Eating One Fat Two Thin Eating One Fat
Stilluppsteypa   Most of the Holiday Spent... Stories Part Five
Yellow Swans   Untitled Dreamed
Burmese   Headmaster Men
Volvox   Lemon Fritz Damage Beings at the Mouth...
Piers Whyte   Unfurling Parade S/T
Tri-Cornered Tent Show   The Lamp Legion of Dagon
Urdog   Nepenthe Eyelid of Moon
L   Troll Holy Letters
Timothy the Revelator   Always All One, All Ways... [coll]: Hand/Eye